2018 might just be the year of innovative sleep technology. This is the second year that the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the biggest tech events of the year, included a marketplace dedicated to new consumer sleep inventions. Here are three new gadgets to help you achieve a good night’s sleep.

Nokia announced its new gadget, Nokia Sleep, an “advanced sensor” that slides under your mattress to document your sleep and snoring patterns. Nokia touts the device’s ability to “set up triggers tied to your sleep habits” like turning off the lights and lowering the temperature in the room when you go to bed.

Nokia’s Health Mate app also generates your “sleep score,” which Nokia says will help you achieve “more balanced and regular sleep schedules.” Through small changes, you can gain up to 12 minutes more sleep each night, Nokia says.

Dreamlight introduced a new sleep mask that suggests changes to your sleep habits, reduces the effects of jet lag and uses infrared light to induce sleep and naturally wake you up in the morning, according to Dreamlight.

AromaRest launched a device that offers a “three-in-one” solution to improve sleep — essential oil diffusers, a Bluetooth speaker that plays calming music and dimmable LEDs that can filter out blue light or provide a “slow pulse of red light to help slow breathing and heart rates and make sleep come more quickly,” AromaRest says.

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