It feels trite to say that life is short, but that’s simply the truth. We get a limited amount of time in life to accomplish our goals, experience our dreams, and make an impact on those around us. There are so many delicious moments we could experience and a finite amount of time to do so.

You can live a happy life and experience the benefits of focusing on your personal growth. To do so, you’ll need to invest time and deliberate energy into developing a strong mindset. Your mind is the gateway to the way you take action on your goals and live authentically.

The success you seek is possible, and you’re the one that has to do something about it. To accomplish your goals, you’ll need to take action on becoming the best version of yourself consistently. Here are three daily habits to incorporate into your growth journey. 

1. Do one thing that’s just for you. 

We spend so much of our time focused on and doing things for other people. It can be family, friends, or fellow leaders, but we often give them more of us than we should. It’s important to be a compassionate human being, but not at the cost of your mental health. 

To live a happy life, you have to set boundaries and make sure those boundaries are respected. Part of that boundary setting is how you spend your time each there. You have to do what brings you joy; that means doing one fun and exciting thing that’s specifically for you each day. 

You’re not a robot, and the 24/7 hustle mindset leads to burnout and bitterness. You accomplish your goals and live your best life when you make yourself and your happiness a priority. Spend dedicated time each day making yourself smile by doing one thing just for you. 

2. Spend time focused on clear and specific vision-driven goals.

Your goals are the roadmap and blueprint to know where you’re going in life. Too many people go through life unhappy because they don’t feel as if they have a purpose. They wake up and have the same experience every day, and that experience could be described as existing. 

Planning out your day the night before is a smart success strategy. Waking up with clear goals that are in alignment with your values is a key to exponential growth. Your vision for what you’d like your future to look like can help you create your daily purpose, and then it’s time to get to work. 

With clarity, create metrics that help you track and measure success. When you create this kind of a success plan, you’ll see the daily process. Seeing progress is the motivation and fuel that will inspire you to keep taking action.  

3. Balance action with fun and celebration. 

Having focused days and a clear plan of action helps you create a strong mind and habits that make a happy life. But, two elements that you’ll need as you do this work are fun and celebration.

If you work hard without taking moments to enjoy your progress and cheer for what you’ve accomplished, you’ll come to regret what you’re doing. Your hunger for growth will run into bitterness and frustration because you’ll have that feeling of always working. 

Take some time each day to celebrate your wins and how far you’ve come. Be sure to incorporate the things you find fun to create success and accomplish goals with balance. 

It’s a great time to put in the work that helps you become stronger and practice happiness every day. Chase your dreams and work on your goals with balance. 

You deserve a life and happiness, and you can create with the proper focus and plan. Create these three habits. 

Photo Credit: @belart84 on Unsplash