Learn top success hacks from self-development and spiritual healing expert Tanaaz Chubb

When was the last time you felt truly good about yourself? When you feel good you have the motivation you need to eat well, sleep right and go after
your highest dreams and wishes. But in reality, many of us struggle to feel good about ourselves. We carry around self-limiting beliefs or we get stuck in our fears that prevent us from truly going after the life that we really want.

Our minds are very good at tricking us into getting caught up worrying and stressing about the mundane routine of day to day living; but there is a way out, and there is a way to boost the energy and positivity of your life so you can feel inspired to wake up every day and live the life of your dreams.

To dive deeper into finding ways we can all live a more abundant life I decided to sit down with Tanaaz Chubb the founder of popular self-development and spiritual healing website Forever Conscious, where she gave me some amazing actionable tips and insights I wanted to share.

Once I got to knowing more about her and the vision behind Forever Conscious, she mentioned her new book that can help anyone with living that abundant lifestyle like she does with it being titled as “The Power of Positive Energy”.

She revealed to me that its in this book that feeling inspired and good about yourself is not something that is only attainable for the lucky few. It is something that we can all achieve, all we have to do is make a few tweaks and construct a routine that allows us to welcome in more joy and positivity into our lives.

To help with this she gave me three super simple, daily rituals that I have found to help me open up more happiness, joy and productivity into my life. Spending just a few minutes doing these rituals can have life changing benefits, so I encourage you to incorporate them into your daily routine.

1. Morning Ritual

10 Breath Meditation

Starting your day off with this simple ritual will help you to feel calm, centered and balanced no matter what the day throws your way. Sit on the floor comfortably or even up in bed. Place your hands in your lap and close your eyes. Take 10 deep breaths in and out.

As you breathe, try to focus your mind only on your breath. Counting the breaths can help with this. Eventually, you will find it easier to tune out the thoughts of your mind and this will help you to feel calm, relaxed and ready to start the

2. Afternoon Ritual

Stay Present

This ritual is perfect for helping you to stay present and in the moment. Being present means that you can really focus on what you are doing and it stops you from getting swept up into thoughts about the past or the future.

To do this ritual, either go for a short walk or simply sit at your desk. Quiet your mind and then mentally observe 9 things in your surroundings. What do you notice around you?

Doing this exercise helps you to get present in your environment and helps to relax and focus your mind. Over time doing this exercise will help you to notice the finer details and will allow you to stay more productive and focused for the afternoon ahead.

3. Before Bed

Gratitude Journal

Feeling grateful for your life can instantly boost your feelings of happiness and can also be extremely inspirational.

According to Chubb, “spending just a few minutes writing down things you feel grateful for at the end of every day can help to boost your energy levels and invite long lasting happiness into your life.”

For this nightly ritual, keep a gratitude journal by your bed, and before sleeping reflect on 7 things that you feel grateful for.

Chubb told me that “All of us have something to be grateful for, no matter how bleak life may seem.”

So, why not give these three easy, daily rituals a try and see how they can change the shape of your life.

Let me know in the comments below if you currently practice any of the above mentioned morning rituals or please share other ones that work well for you.

Originally published at journal.thriveglobal.com


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