manage time better

Imagine this:

It has been a long day, and you finally look up. It’s four pm. You’re tired and ready to call it in, but something is nagging you.

Your progress from the day is unclear.

Sure, you were busy. But, were you productive? Did you move the needle towards what’s important to you? And did you have good balance between work and life?

If any of those answers are no, you’re in need of better time management. So, here are four key tips to help you conquer the day.

1. Try Time Blocking

Often, the chaos of the day gets away from us without achieving the crucial elements to success. And parents, especially, spend a ridiculous amount of time multitasking -resulting in horrendous productivity.

The problem? We simply don’t know where to put our focus at any given time. There’s too much flying at us!

Yet, if you block your time ahead of schedule, you’ll know exactly where to give your focus every hour of the day. Surprisingly, this is easier than you think. Take two to three hour chunks and decide the one activity or group of activities that will have ALL of your focus during this time.

Within days, you’ll find that not only will your productivity skyrocket, but also your ability to be in the present moment.

For more and a free printable, check out: How a Block Schedule Will Save Your Life

2. Set Goals & Prioritize Them

Next, set three important goals each and every day. They can be big or small. But no matter what, you accomplish those three things.

By prioritizing what’s most essential to your success, you’ll find that even if you can’t accomplish other tasks, you’ll ALWAYS be making progress on your dreams.

3. Manage Your Distractions

Also, understand that we live in a society with non-stop distractions. Even when you think you’re focused, you’re often distracted. And sometimes, it’s even our minds that are most distracting!

So, when you sit down to work, get in the zone. Close out other browsers, apps, notifications, and environmental noises and get to work.

Likewise, when you want quality time with your family, be sure to put away your phone and anything that pulls your attention away from pure time together.

It takes a little forethought, but the rewards are monumental.

4. Use a Timer

Also, understand that whatever time we give to a task is the time it will take. Therefore, if you give yourself two days for a work project, you’ll mess around and take the entire time. If you give yourself just two hours, you’ll finish it like a champ in a much shorter time.

So, use this to your advantage! Set timers and goals to ensure you’re working at a steady pace. As a result, you’ll be shocked at how much more effectively you work.

In Conclusion

“It’s not enough to be busy. The question is what are you busy about?”

Henry David Thoreau

Time management is often simpler than we make it out to be.

If you commit to just these four things, you’ll find that your productivity hits an entirely new level and your stress levels decrease drastically.