goals 2020

When it comes to the new year we all feel serious pressure to create unrealistic goals that we must accomplish, and then if we don’t accomplish them, we beat ourselves up. It can be a vicious cycle. I’m here to tell you- just chill. You got goals? Me too! But there’s an easy stress-free way to go about achieving them.

  1. Write It Down: If you don’t write it down, it probably won’t come to fruition. It has been proven that goals that are written down have more of a chance of becoming an actuality. I keep a bedside journal with my goals and I read them daily, especially before bed, as a reminder to keep pushing towards them.
  2. Set A Date: Want to organize your entire house? Want to be able to run a half marathon? Want to save money? Give yourself a reasonable deadline to get all of your goals accomplished. Make the goal, and the end date attainable, but don’t make it too easy either, it should still be challenging!
  3. Use Visuals: I’m a HUGE believer in vision boards. You can create one on your phone, or you can use a poster board and magazine cutouts. I am a very visual person and this helps me to see myself where I want to be and manifest it. All you need to do is find images and words that pertain to your goals and create a nice, organized collage that speaks to you. The key is to look over your board in the morning and before bed, every day, and visualize yourself already living that life. You are planting a seed that will keep you on track, help clarify, and focus on specific life goals.

I have used these methods for years and they work. Goals can be scary and overwhelming, but by strategically mapping them out, you can create the life you want. I wish you all the best for the new year ahead- I know you can do it!