ways to have more fun with your family

We love our families.

And many of us cherish the thought of spending more time with our loved ones. Yet, if you have children, your time together isn’t always the picturesque dreams of your pre-kid self.

The truth is, parenthood comes with some of the hardest challenges and responsibilities we have in our lifetimes.

Discipline. Potty training. Difficult Conversations. Life lessons…

The list is endless.

And it can be easy to lose the fun of being with our kids.

But Jane Goodall says

“One thing I’ve learned from watching chimpanzees with their parents is that having a child should be fun.”

And I agree. Parenthood is a tough job (and we’re not chimpanzees). But often we overcomplicated it in our fast-paced society.

What our kids need more than ANYTHING is to see US – relaxed and engaging in a fun way.

So, a few times a week, let go of what you think you SHOULD do to be a great parent, and play with them instead. Here’s how:

Build in Fun at Dinner

This is a great place to start because family dinners are sometimes the only way we can connect after a busy day.

Instead of shoveling in food and going separate ways, encourage an easy game or conversation cards during dinner. It takes very little extra time, and creates a perfect starter for a deeper, more fun relationship.

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Get Down on Their Level

When we get lost in the responsibilities of our day, it becomes increasingly difficult to get on the level of our child.

What are they interested in?

Spend just a few minutes discussing that, or even (gasp) playing it with them! They will appreciate this gesture more than you’ll ever know, and you may even have a little fun in the process.

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Incorporate Silly Traditions

I’m a huge fan of rituals and traditions because they force fun on a family.

Whether it’s a weekly family game night or a silly song you sing at Christmas – you’ll have positive pressure to put your family first on a regular basis.

Make those traditions playful, and you’ll be ensuring a fun family experience for years to come.

In Conclusion

Having more fun with your family doesn’t take much work. It’s simply about being intentional with your time together.

Can you turn off your work brain in their presence? Do they see you relax? When was the last time you played at something?

In the long term, these things matter. And you’ll be enjoying your family more than ever in no time.