These wellness resolutions will take entrepreneurs far in the new year.

I know I’m not alone when I say that it feels like 2018 completely flew by. From January 1st onward, I felt like I was go, go, go the entire time! I am the CEO of my own business, so I spent a great deal of time working hard in and out of the office. My two teenage sons also kept me extra busy, with tons of sporting events to attend on the weekends, and I also held board positions at several universities.

Nothing about my professional or personal life will drastically change next year. I’ll still stay focused on working hard and being involved with my family. That being said, maintaining go-go-go means focusing on health and wellness. It’s amazing what our bodies can do and how far they can take us if we commit to treating them right. If you’re a female entrepreneur who feels like they could use a physical and mental boost in 2019, make these wellness resolutions now.

Put your vitamins in a central space to take daily.

I keep an enormous container of multivitamins on my desk at work. They’re almost a running joke in the office, given the container’s Costco-esque size. I don’t mind at all. Taking my vitamins daily is important to me and my health. However, I know that sticking to it can be harder than it seems.

My advice is to avoid buying a ton of little containers and going to Costco to buy a huge bottle of vitamins. Then, place them in an area — whether it’s your work desk in the office, at home, or your bathroom — where you know you’ll remember to take the multivitamins each day. It’s easier to manage than the alternative: buying small containers, sticking them in your purse, and maybe remembering to take them.

Get active during practice with your kids (if you have children).

I used to sit on the bench while my sons played soccer. As they played, I would chat with the other parents nearby or cheer them on as they scored goals. I was more than happy to be present for my boys, but it was that additional sitting, even if it was during practice, that I didn’t enjoy.

Sedentary lifestyles are fairly common among entrepreneurs. Statistics have shown that individuals spend 7.7 hours each day engaging in sedentary behaviors. One of the biggest factors is sitting, whether it’s at work, during a commute, or at home watching Netflix. Add sports practice for the kids in there, and you become even more sedentary.

Instead of sitting, I now walk during their practices. I take my iPhone along to answer emails, but I keep my messages brief. I focus on walking and cheer on my sons as I do it. This allows me to keep moving, and feel better knowing I’m not sitting still on the bench.

Hold a walking meeting.

Meetings are par for the course when you’re an entrepreneur. At some point throughout the course of the day, you’re also expected to exercise. Why not combine the two together by going on a walking meeting?

This is a method I have to be extremely effective over the years. Instead of having a traditional meeting — where you are typically sedentary — take your team members out on a walking meeting. Going for a walk allows everyone the chance to exercise, breathe the fresh air, and accomplish any topics you’d like to discuss. Walking meetings are truly a win-win situation for everyone. You’re exercising, working, and maintaining that go, go, go mindset that will take you far into the new year.