Holidays are indeed a wonderful time of the year and full of fun distractions for both students and teachers. Just the mere thought of going back to school after vacation excitement can be daunting. Getting students back to their normal routine is often a challenge for teachers, and parents.

While it might seem that holiday breaks are created for rest, it often ends up making them feel drained out and hardly any strength to focus on studies. Giving them some motivation after holidays is necessary as it is difficult to re-engage them after long durations of rest and relaxation.

While holidays are memorable and cherishing, the task of teachers is to revive and involve students in the educational process as motivated and engaged. Check out these tips on how you can motivate students after a holiday break and make them more focused and productive.

Start Fresh By Using New Engaging Materials

The post-holiday transformation is much easier if you are not working on projects before the break. By starting with a new project, lesson, or activity, you will not have to waste time assessing old topics. 

The bonus: Your students can put 100% concentration in learning something new.

It is natural that studying would be interesting only if it is being studied through innovative and creative strategies. It can get monotonous and difficult to engage students if you use the same learning approaches and materials. 

The more different ways of teaching ways you include in the curriculum for teachers, the more motivated and inspiring your students would feel. Never stick to the same standard procedure as with the same routine students might lose interest and want some diversity, and engaging study materials can play their role.

Such materials are something that the students would want to look forward to. For instance, if you reward your students with some exclusive stuff like free home-assignment pass, treats, or movies, they would be more involved in learning.

Engage Them in Classroom Activities

While it might seem that doing activities has nothing to do with motivation, this is not the truth. Engaging your students in classroom activities can bring them closer to you and fellow classmates as well as teach them a lot of new things. Additionally, this makes them a chance to show their skills and interests. Here are a few classroom jobs that you can offer your students:

  • Prepare weekly charts with motivational quotes on them.
  • Update calendar every month.
  • Take care of classroom cleanliness.
  • Perform standard classroom tasks like being on duty, watering flowers, etc.

These are just some examples from the bunch of other ones that you can implement to improve the whole classroom atmosphere as well as keep students busy.

Praise Their Efforts for Positive Behavior outside the Class as well

Not only education help grow a student in a better way, but many efforts outside the classroom should also be also noted by the teacher to set an example for others. Either these are some extracurricular activities or being a helping hand to other people – all of them can encourage others to start doing something useful and be a better person. This can be rewarded with visits to the museum, cinema, theater, class trips, but an immediate reward to the individual can truly boost their confidence.  

Who doesn’t appreciate it when their efforts are acknowledged by other people? Everyone does! Even if everything is not performed perfectly, students need praise to improve themselves next time. Praising them promotes positive mood and emotions that reflect the hunger to learn.

Having students back on track is crucial for a teacher to motivate them to complete their academics well. Following these tips will help you ease the lives of students and make the studying process more interesting and productive!