As states start to slowly, cautiously re-open, there is an excitement and relief surrounding the revived freedom of daily life. And also…there is a small whisper of pressure that can accompany the return to normalcy. The pressure to be far too busy once again. The pressure to go out and do ALL the things we could not during quarantine or (for my people pleasers) to be all things to all people.

Maybe you have enjoyed increased space and time to process, time with your family, or more work flexibility during quarantine. You do not have to leave those rhythms behind as we move forward. Take from this season what will grow you on your journey, and ditch the rest. Below we outline 3 habits to take with you post-quarantine.

Seek Less Noise

If this quarantine has taught us anything, it is this: in person interaction is priceless. While technology has made working from home a reality for many of us during this time, it has also illuminated the amount of online noise that inundates our minds on a daily basis. The noise can come through in the form of social media posts, emails, work calls, and work messaging apps in a way that feels as if we must be glued to our devices 24/7.

It is okay to be still after this time has faded. It is okay to turn off our devices, get outside, or gather with our people in person rather than over social media. It is okay to slow down, take a deep breath, and dial down the noise.

Let Things Go

Such a large amount of change has made clear what is important in our lives and what is not. Aside from businesses and employees being declared “essential,” many of us have taken time to reflect upon what is essential in our daily lives. Letting things go — habits, relationships, unhealthy routines, etc. has become an important part of this pandemic for many. Taking the time and space to let go of things that no longer serve you is an important practice to hold close after this season

Check-In With Your Needs

Grief, disappointment, and heartbreak have been a reality for many throughout COVID-19, and the presence of these difficult emotions have caused us to ask ourselves day-to-day, What do I need right now? Self-care has become the new normal. Maybe you have become more in-tune with your morning and evening routines, your sleep habits, or your mental health.

Checking-in with our needs daily leads us into deeper self-awareness and compassion for ourselves and others. May we seek to stay in touch with the needs of our minds, bodies, and spirits once this season passes.