Have you ever achieved and then had that achievement corrupted, diminished or lost in someway? Maybe your health, wealth, happiness or relationships were affected in the process of achieving or by the achievement? Perhaps you weren’t able to build on the success you achieved? If you’re the leader of your life, business, career or area of responsibility in some shape or form you probably have. What if you could be even more self sustained, invincible and protected while achieving and progressing?

Based on my business partner Paolo D’Angelo and my work with top CEOs and their teams on four different continents over the last couple of decades we realized there can be a lot of volatility in health, wealth, happiness and relationships of leaders engaged in the Science of Achievement, first advocated by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich as “whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve”. Here’s what we came up with to neutralize this volatility so success is more enhanced and protected.

Introducing the Science of Protection

We wanted to answer the question how can achievement and success become more invincible? The answer we came up with was the Science of Protection of achievement and progress, which is designed to complement, supplement and be superimposed with the science of achievement.

The science of protection is about firstly acknowledging we’re not invincible therefore secondly we need to gain deeper knowledge on how to be and thirdly implementing proven time-tested, field-tested knowledge, techniques, technologies and programs that allow us to be more invincible thereby insuring whatever we’re conceiving, believing, achieving is less likely to be corrupted, diminished, lost or tainted.

The science of protection is primarily about developing more inner capacity and coherence.

Capacity means: The degree to which you have developed and are utilizing your full sub-conscious and conscious mental, emotional and physical intelligence and potential in any given moment to have more of the right thoughts at the right time to act on.

In other words, how well can you fathom, feel, see & know, what is really going on and what is required to enhance and protect your and others progress so you can be in tune with change rather than a victim of it.

Coherence means: More specifically global alpha coherence, is all-encompassing coherence inside and outside yourself.

This includes coherence between your heart and mind, lower and higher brain, your amygdala (that wants you to survive) & pre-frontal cortex (that wants to thrive), between your right brain creative instincts and left brain logical execution, between your team and the needs and desires of your clients, customers, vendors and marketplace. It’s also coherence between the inner truth of who you are, your purpose, and actions that project who you are and fulfill your purpose.

Being Victorious through Enhancing Capacity & Coherence

Through developing more inner capacity and coherence you’re able to have more alertness, wakefulness, broader perspective awareness to see the fuller truth that allows you to be victorious over complications, complexities, confusion, chaos, corruption, competition and incoherence.

More capacity and coherence means you’re more conscious of what is going on within and outside yourself, how you’re affecting yourself, others, the environment and how others and the environment is affecting you so you can adapt to enhance and protect your achievement and progress.

Capacity and coherence development gives you a greater ability to function from the source of thinking & feeling, that most silent settled yet alert, dynamic and coherent level of your mind and heart, that allows you to pick up on the best insights and the right thoughts and feelings at the right time.

IMAGINE how much more efficacy everyone would have functioning from this level of themselves most of the time if not all the time? How much more quality time everyone would have to enjoy all parts of life because we’re truly thinking smarter not longer and harder?

A leaders level of capacity and coherence is the one limiting factor on their confidence, competence, connectivity with self and others, and congruence. With more inner capacity & coherence all these work more effectively.

Relating this to my athletic burn out (in previous post)

I realized I burned out as a runner primarily because I wasn’t developing more inner capacity and coherence on the inside to be able to achieve and progress better on the outside. I thought it was all about how much outer action on the level of the body I could do that would make the difference. 

I wasn’t pulling back the bow of my mind to be more settled, rested and coherent so the arrows of my thoughts, feeling and actions could be more accurate & effective.

I now know if I want to be more dynamic on the outside then I have to go back to the source of action which is silence, stillness, settledness. Then exponential change and challenges on the outside seem less daunting because you’re functioning with more expanded capacity and heightened coherence on the inside. When the problems and challenges are bigger than our capacity or coherence to deal with it we’re gonna feel the pinch of stress.

By consistently expanding capacity and coherence you can be more fully established in an invincible leadership state. When we’re not in this state we’re more vulnerable to getting caught out or corrupted when we conceive, believe and achieve. When you’re in your unique invincible leadership state you’re more aware of what causes and prevents the wheels from falling off and how to calibrate.

Ambition and Stress is Not the Problem

Ambition is not the problem nor is stress, the problem is how can we conceive, believe and achieve without corrupting ourselves, others and environment. Development of full human capacity and coherence are two keys to accomplishing this I believe, because the brain is found to be a river of neuronal plasticity, not a a fixed rock, and we can continue to develop this most valuable part of ourselves our entire life.

More Capacity & Coherence Enhances Three Hidden Leadership Qualities for Invincible Success

Invincible success is when we’re experiencing overall positive progress in our health, wealth, happiness and relationships. Through developing more capacity and coherence three hidden qualities are enlivened to experience more invincible success.



Where can you get some of this you ask? 

This is not energy you create or can destroy, it’s primordial evolutionary energy that you align with. It’s energy that has always been there and will always be there. It’s the high energy frequency that whole ever expanding and collapsing universe runs on, some call it vacuum or ground state energy.

By aligning with a higher energy frequency something better can happen. People conceive, believe and achieve most effectively and accurately, and continue to do so, because they are in a high energy frequency. Like Einstein says, this is pure physics not idealistic philosophy.


As a former full time meditating monk I realized that this unshakable presence is beyond your ever changing mind, intellect, ego, emotions, five senses and the pairs of opposites of gain & loss, pleasure & pain, good and bad, right and wrong, fame and shame. All these things come and go and are subject to constant change.

This kind of presence is through having more familiarity and intimate connection with that field of non-change, non-action, silence, the field of consciousness or that pure source of nature’s intelligence, capacity and coherence itself. It’s this level of intelligence, capacity and coherence that makes our heart beat, skin reproduce and food digest without us having to tell it.

Life experience will certainly help you develop unshakable authentic presence but that can be a slow process and you may absorb more stress than necessary. A faster way is through regularly transcending your outer and inner noise and experience the greatest charm of inner silence. This experience naturally dissolves incoherent noise, stresses and vices so you can pick up on more of the right thoughts at the right time.

 The TM technique is a simple natural effortless proven and widely practiced meditation relaxation technique that has many documented benefits in this regard. It’s why Oprah and her team, Ellen and her team. Dr. Oz and his team, Ray Dalio and his team, as well as many other top performers have embraced it as their go to meditation and recovery technique.

You can also emotionally affirm to yourself unshakable presence in a challenging moment by mentally saying to your self “I feel not disturbed or I feel unshakable.” You can truthfully do this because everything is a blessing in disguise to help us progress, become stronger and evolve as human beings, we just have to have the awareness to see it that way.


World class athletes, business leaders and musicians have been shown to have large amounts of global alpha coherence in their brain functioning, enabling them to feel more, see more and know more.

They can be having up to five times less thoughts than the average person because they’re simply having more of the right thoughts at the right time. You can download scientific research by top neuroscientists here.

In short, world class leaders have simply developed more inner capacity and coherence to accomplish at a higher level. 

With more capacity & coherence we spontaneously and simultaneously make these three qualities more lively in ourselves not only to achieve and progress but to be able to enhance and protect our ability to continue to achieve and progress till our hearts content.

Your Invincible Leadership State

Being a good leader with a good attitude & skills doesn’t guarantee you’re not going to have unexpected problems, challenges and accidents that could derail your achievement and progress. Good support from your environment is also required so you and your achievements and progress are more highly protected. Good support from your environment comes from being more fully established in your unique invincible leadership state through developing even more capacity and coherence that enlivens these three hidden qualities above.

Vincible means capable of being conquered or overcome.

Invincible means too powerful to be conquered or overcome.

Notice the only difference between the word vincible and invincible is the world ‘in’, meaning invincibility is not an external thing, because everything changes on the outside. In-vincible leadership state is an inner state of being where you cannot or are less likely to be conquered or overcome by any internal or external stresses, enemies, vices or incoherence in leading yourself and others forward in achieving better health, wealth, happiness and relationships.

Truly powerful people don’t primarily rely on people or circumstances to progress and be protected, they rely on developing themselves by utilizing proven ways that give them more capacity and coherence and these three hidden qualities so whatever they’re conceiving, believing and achieving as well as themselves is less likely to be corrupted, diminished or lost.

Your Take Away

Find time at the beginning and end of everyday to simply and purely BE. Be in that silent limitless capacity and coherence of who you are, your unique invincible leadership state. Ideally do this for 20 minutes morning and evening, because this is how long the mind and body on average takes to return to homeostatic balanced functioning.

I’ve realized recovery is just as important as activity, if not more important, because it helps you have more capacity and coherence to enhance and protect your achievement and progress.

If something is not progressing as you’d like or your overly attached to someone or something or are suffering in some shape or form then it’s life saying be more established in your silent limitless capacity and coherence of who you truly are, that in-vincible part of yourself, so you can have better thoughts and feelings to act on and achieve what you want.

Wake Up Naturally or Get a Wake Up Call

I’ve had sudden and abrupt wake up calls with my health, wealth, happiness and relationships in my life and sometimes this is the only way to break us out of some deeply entrenched inertia’s we have to grow out of in that area of life.

At the same time I realized getting constant wake up calls, or bitch slaps as my friend and TedX speaker Kirsty Spraggon calls this them, is no way to go through life. It’s better to put in the inner effort upfront to wake up naturally and avert the wake up calls and bitch slaps in order to minimize suffering in life. By dissolving inertias like stress, fatigues, tiredness, ignorance, arrogance, vices, illusions, delusions and aggravations before they arise you’re less likely to have to go into damage control.

I’ve learned not be overly keen, eager, caught up and attached to what I want. Because getting what I want is going to be a natural side benefit of developing more of the capacity and coherence of who I am and living my inner why & purpose.

When we feel so overly responsible and obligated for things we’ve committed to outside ourselves we can neglect and forget to take care of our capacity and coherence inside ourself. This is ironic because the ability to accomplish on the outside is really based on how much we are accessing and utilizing our potential on the inside. External success is really based on internal success.

Why achieve what you want only for who you are, your purpose and total Net Worth in health, wealth, happiness and relationships to be corrupted, diminished and even lost when you get there?

About New Mavericks

Our company New Mavericks has a proven time and field tested purpose of enhancing and protecting the achievement and progress of leaders by developing even more of their inner capacity and coherence to overcome challenges with greater speed and ease. This enhanced capacity and coherence development:

  • neutralizes and minimizes stress caused by challenges, inertias and negativity.
  • enhances & protects health, wealth, happiness, relationships and reputation.
  • allows leaders to easily access more of their potential to have the right thoughts to act on at the right time

  • have a more balanced view to make better decisions.

This deeper vertical development enables leaders to be more able to avert and / or bounce back from being corrupted or diminished by internal & external enemies, vices, stresses & incoherence. In doing so it helps reduce costly mistakes & loss of time, money, energy, ROI, great opportunity, shareholder value, health & reputation.

The complete Science of Protection of achievement and progress and all the laws that make up this new science will be in our new book coming out soon called INVINCIBLE SUCCESS BLUEPRINT: How to Get What You Want, Protect it & Keep it. You can get a taste of what it’s about by downloading the introduction here.

In the meantime, all my very best for invincible success and overall positive progress in your health, wealth, happiness and relationships as a leader!


Founder / CEO New Mavericks

Protecting Leaders Achievement & Progress