1. Check in with yourself.

During the day, consciously take breaks to check in with yourself. How is your body feeling? What is your gut reaction to what is happening? Taking a moment to pause and reflect can help to sort out your thoughts and feelings, instead of just reacting to what is going on. Perhaps writing down your feelings can also help to release and process.

2. Help yourself first.

Before you take-off in the airplane, do you remember hearing the safety message “Put the oxygen mask on yourself before you put it on others.” We all want to help others, though it’s really challenging to do this if you are unable to fulfill your own needs. Honour your own needs first.

3. Make peace with people who have a different opinion.

It’s challenging to have people disagree with your perspectives and/or not like what you’re doing. We all want to be liked (i.e. Social Media). The reality is that not everyone is going to agree with you and that is ok.

Focus your energy by following your dreams and doing what’s right for you. Make decisions based on what resonates with you; instead of making decisions based on other people’s opinions just to keep them happy. The reality is that we all have different perspectives – it’s an opportunity to grow and appreciate the lessons.

Know that we are all ‘works in progress’, being aware is a good step forward to becoming a better version of yourself.

“We’re all works in progress, honey. And believe me when I tell you that I’ve had to work harder than most.” 
― Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Ain’t She Sweet?


  • Carolyn Lowe

    Brand Marketer | Storyteller | Connector

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    Carolyn is passionate about all things related to health and wellness.  She is a proactive and results driven leader with a track record of integrating authentic, cross-platform marketing experiences for startups, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), and global enterprises. Carolyn is also a Career/Mindset coach specializing in NLP.  She helps clients remove the charge on limiting emotions and beliefs to create new possibilities. With her experience in advertising and tech, she can relate and empathize with her clients' challenges to find empowering solutions. Carolyn writes about leadership, women in tech and health/wellness.