“Chaos either breaks you or creates you.” -Tony Robbins

We believe this chaos we’re all navigating is single handedly the greatest opportunity to thrive as a team and transform into a purpose-driven organization.

Making these 3 pivots now will help your team find clarity in the chaos now, and set your company up for long-term, sustainable success.

Pivot 1: Turn Career Paths into Journeys of Personal Growth

Today’s employee needs more than a career path in a company. Modern-day workers want help finding their purpose and bringing it to life through their work. This process starts with their own personal growth; they want to know that working with your organization will give them the freedom to grow personally. The key is to support their individual path in a way that serves the company, too. If there is a certification they want to get, or a self-development conference they want to attend, send them. Give them the resources that empower them to become better people. Examples include life coaching, financial coaching and therapy. When employees feel like they’re growing every day, they want to stay for the long haul and will work with their blood, sweat and tears.

Why This Is Important Now: Chaos can quickly make a team frantic and stagnant. Personal growth is critical in each team member knowing their deeply support during chaotic times, and in cultivating an “entrepreneurial mindset” – holding the vision, ideating and implementing solutions, and going above and beyond for the purpose of the organization.

Inspired Action: What’s 1 growth activity you can implement into your team tomorrow that’s easy and fun?

Pivot 2: Turn Your Staff into a Connected Community

Today’s employees want more than a job. They want to be valued members of a community of like-minded people. Teams of employees must become more than a staff that simply completes tasks and reaches revenue targets. Teams must become communities of individuals who care about each other, and who can engage in meaningful work together. Teams that effectively foster a connection around common values and purposes are a breeding ground for employees who are not only more fulfilled, but also more productive. In this environment, tasks become opportunities for employees to build meaningful connections with other people. Turning your staff into a community gives employees a sense of unity and deep human connection. When employees feel deeply connected to others, leaving the company becomes an emotionally tough decision that will go well beyond salary negotiations.

Why This Is Important Now: Tribes and communities are more important then ever during uncertain times. Deep bonds and intimate relationships is what helps us feel safe when things begin to feel chaotic around us, and helps us navigate trying times as unified team.

Inspired Action: What’s 1 connection activity you can engage your team in tomorrow that’s easy and fun?

Pivot 3: Turn Your Products/Services into a Movement

We’re big believers that we don’t run businesses, we further movements. A movement is a force bigger yourself, a set of values and beliefs that your customers can identify with, and a message that’s so deep, it inspires all stakeholders to meaningful action. On a deeper level, a movement holds space to accept people for who they are, and make them feel heard for their beliefs. Your product/service is simply a tool to help people keep being who they are already are, believe in what they already believe in, and be surrounded by others just like them. Now is the greatest time in modern day history to birth your movement, and take your organization to the greater depths it can go.

Why This Is Important Now: During a time where customers are being hurled advertisements left and right, it’s critical to stand out to your market in a meaningful, memorable and impactful way. That doesn’t mean do more marketing, it means go deeper. Customers are yearning to buy from companies that make them feel meaning in their lives and like they’re contributing to a larger purpose. Articulate that before it’s too late.

Inspired Action: What’s 1 way you can articulate the deeper “why” behind your product/service to your customer?

Implement these 3 things in the thick of the pandemic and you will be an unstoppable force. Your team will work for you with their blood, sweat and tears. Your customers will buy from you over and over and over again, and then tell all of their friends about it. Your business with transform into a movement.