How important is it for you to make strong connections and build positive relationships in life? We all need friends and family with whom we can celebrate our good times and turn for support during adversities. 

But not everyone is lucky enough to have positive and meaningful relationships in their lives. Strong relationships aren’t built in a day. It needs time and most importantly you need to put in some effort for it to happen. You have to cultivate them and continue doing that if you really want to keep it going strong.

And there are various ways of doing that, one of which is to appreciate others for their actions, words, and thoughts. 

You don’t have to look for the right opportunity to say a few words of appreciation or admiration to the people around you. Even a tiny gesture can be appreciated. 

This will lift up their spirit and make them feel happy about themselves. But that’s not it. There are several other reasons why you need to appreciate others. Let’s look at a few of them.

1. Motivates Others to Do Better

When you appreciate others, you show them your gratitude by recognizing the value and significance of their words or actions. This does not only makes them feel happy about themselves but also motivates and inspires them to continue doing it for the best.

So make sure to recognize positive actions, kind words, or anything about others that you think is appreciable. It’s a very good way to let them know that what they did was worth noticing and that it can truly make a difference.

2. Creates a Positive Environment

Another reason why appreciating others is important is because it can help you create a positive environment around you. This can be at work, at home, or even when you’re with your friends and loved ones.

A few words of appreciation can light up somebody’s day and make them smile even on a difficult day. When the people around you are happy, the environment automatically starts feeling warm and positive. As a result, it becomes a better place to work, live or do anything that you intend to. 

And not to mention, appreciating others’ actions and words can also strengthen your relationships and help you connect better with the people around you.

3. Helps Other Know that You Care

Oftentimes we are so busy in our own lives that we tend to forget about the people around us. Also, it’s easy to take things and people in your life for granted. In doing so, you may end up neglecting your relationships (although unintentionally) and stop seeing the value it adds to your life. So take a moment to rectify your actions by appreciating others.

Sometimes appreciating little gestures can make people feel more valued. It lets them know that you care about them and took time to notice something that others did not even care to comment upon. It’s a great way to let them know that they are important to you and that they matter. You may not be able to do it too often, but try making it a habit to see the good in what other people are doing.

Appreciating others for their acts, thoughts or words doesn’t cost us anything. All you need is to put in a little effort to find the good in them. You may not realize it, but your words of appreciation can make a huge difference to someone. So why not make people smile when you can simply by saying a few words of admiration?