Challenges, trauma and trying experiences are part of life. How we respond to these types of events can speak volumes about our resilience, and as these 3 TED and TEDx talks show, humans have the power to overcome even the greatest obstacles.

Elizabeth Smart: My Story

Elizabeth Smart gained national attention as one of the most notorious kidnapping victims in U.S. history. In her 2014 TEDx Talk, she spoke about the importance of perseverance, faith and family nearly 12 years after her abduction.

Joshua Prager: In Search of the Man Who Broke My Neck

At the age of 19, Joshua Prager’s life was changed forever when a bus accident in Israel left one side of his body paralyzed. In his 2013 TED Talk, Prager shared how he returned to Israel in 2012, 21 years after his accident, to find the truck driver who caused the accident and how it helped him heal.

Hyeonseo Lee: My Escape from North Korea

Author and activist Hyeonseo Lee shared her an inspiring story of survival, recounting how she escaped from her home country of North Korea at the age of 14. Her 2013 TED Talk is full of courage, strength and hopean important reminder that giving up isn’t an option in circumstances like hers.