As a busy professional, you are juggling many things in both your business or career and personal life.

After experiencing the hectic demands of being in corporate in the course of my 20-year career and now as an entrepreneur, I have to say that there are definitely demands to both roles…just in a different way.

As an entrepreneur, the buck and every cent, and everything else starts and stops with you. That was a big realization for me.

If you are a business owner, a working mom, a lone parent or simply crave more peace of mind, I have found that it is evermore important to stay focused and leverage your time and energy in the best way possible so you can live a life of quality and achieve your goals and dreams.

To do so, it is critical to assess what you are saying “yes” to in your professional and personal life. This includes conducting an assessment of the following three key areas.

The first key area is to assess your business and personal relationships. The second key area is to assess your environment. The third key area is to assess your boundaries regarding what is permissible and what is not.

The act of conducting an assessment is about de-cluttering and freeing up the energy in your life. If you are juggling many things at the moment, now is the perfect time to make space for this important action.

Here are some examples from my own experience regarding de-cluttering, which can also help you.

Ask yourself and list what you are saying “yes” to in the following areas. Keep in mind that the “yes” may not even be something you say. Rather it is about the actions you take.

1. Your relationships — de-cluttering in this area can be tricky and that is why many people let relationships that are no longer fulfilling, and no longer serving their growth to remain as part of the status quo. I have been there too. I know that it takes courage to act and let that particular relationship sunset.

Are there relationships in your business and life that are draining your energy? Maybe it’s even your clients or customers if you are a business owner.

If so the best way to address this is to have a courageous conversation (also with yourself) and to release them with love. Of course, you wish them well.

I have done exactly this. I have sunsetted business relationships, including with clients and personal relationships that were no longer aligned with my vision, my values and my boundaries. Whenever I have done so, it feels like a heavy weight has lifted off my shoulders. Try it and see for yourself

2. Your environment — I cannot stress enough how important your environment is. This includes and is not limited to your physical environment.

Take a look at your office and home and ask yourself whether it reflects who you are as a successful professional. If not, then de-clutter your files physically and electronically. This is a great habit to adopt.

Another key area is to surround yourself in an optimal environment for wealth and success with other success-minded and success-oriented people who can take you higher.

I have found personally that when you are on a high-growth path with the intent of creating a life of prosperity, impact and success, you will definitely need support.

When you do surround yourself in an optimal environment you are saying “yes” to yourself and your success. This will positively affect your psychological and emotional environment from within as well as affect your spiritual connection to the Universe and Divine Source. Trust me on this.

3. Your boundaries — the topic of boundaries always fascinates me because whenever there is some type of conflict from within us, or in a particular situation, it is likely something related to our boundaries. One of the best gifts that you can give yourself is to be crystal clear about your limits. When you are crystal clear and you honor your limits, then you have air tight boundaries and not “soft” boundaries.

This is interesting for women because we don’t want to hurt others’ feelings and want to be liked. The result is that many women will say yes to client, business and life requests and then secretly resent it.

If this sound familiar, take stock of what you are saying “yes” to that is not in alignment with honoring who you are and honoring your values and time

At the end of the day, saying “yes” to something means that you are also saying “no” to another thing. And the “no” has to be a firm no and not a soft boundary no!

I finally learned this lesson after secret resentments. The lesson here is that situations and habits that are left unfinished will continue to manifest into your life through various people and situations until you learn from them and move forward.

So dear reader, enjoy implementing these strategies and tips in your professional and personal life. Then get ready to welcome a renewed sense of empowerment.

Originally published at on November 29, 2016.

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