Many people call him the greatest Quarterback of all time. Tom Brady is the 5 x Super Bowl winner with the New England Patriots, hand 4x Super Bowl Most Valuable Player (MVP). Tom just turned 40 and he published a book called…

“The TB12 Method – How To Achieve A Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance” that explains why he is still able to performance at his all time peak performance. The book is full of valuable high performance and recovery advice for sports as well as corporate athletes and everybody else who is serious about sustained high performance and faster recovery.

I read the book in great detail and these are my 3 key learnings:

1. Wear bioceramic–infused functional sleepwear to stimulate and heat your muscles, bones and tendons; help eliminate toxins and stimulate the production of adenosin triphosphate (ATP) aka energy.

2. Fight inflammation in your body so you have more energy and can recharge and recover faster

3. Recovery is a MUST (not a luxury!). It’s a key component of his professional regimen and life

And always keep in mind my friend… you can only work as hard as your ability to recover!

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