prioritize health and wellness this year

Do you feel sick and tired these days? Are you carrying around more weight than you’d like? Do you wish you had the energy to play with your kids? Or seize the day?

According to U.S. News, the life expectancy for Americans has been DECLINING in recent years. This is largely due to the rates of suicides and drug overdoses. Furthermore, we spend more on health care than ever before. More than anyone in the world, in fact. While some cost is business-related, much also has to do with the amount of medication and medical treatment needed amongst our citizens. We heavily rely on healthcare and drugs.

There are some alarming trends in our country’s health, but you can take ownership today! Here are three EASY ways to improve your life and live on your own terms in 2023.

1. Prioritize Your Mental Health

First, evaluate where you are.

Are you taking care of yourself? Schedule in self-care every week. Do you get outside enough? Lack of vitamin D is a common problem. Are you doing too much? Get help if you need it. Find ways to bring that light back in your day. And build habits that give you a boost daily.

2. Eat Better (Slowly)

Are you eating your vegetables? Or giving your body the respect it deserves?

Instead of trying to drastically change your diet, aim for just one meal. Try a smoothie every morning for breakfast, or change out that unhealthy lunch with something better. Make ONE change this month. Give yourself the time you need to adjust. Next month, build on that momentum and you’ll find massive change by the end of the year.

3. Get Off the Couch

Overall, we live extremely sedentary lifestyles. We were not made to be this way, so change that! Get those 10,000 steps in or go walking with your family every day. Movement can be incorporated into your daily routine! Have a dance party or a walking work meeting. Look for quick and easy lifestyle changes that get yourself off the couch.

Take The First Step

Often, we get overexcited and try to focus on too many things at once. This leads to burn out and failure. For now, simply think of your health and this question…

What is the one thing you can do for your health today? What’s the one thing that will make the most impact on how you live and feel?

Make sure, that regardless of any other goals, you get that one thing done. Each and every day.

*If you’re ready to go all in, grab a friend and try the glow up 30 day challenge. This one is a little different than most. It exclusively focuses on health!

Before You Go…

We’re taking ownership of our health friends! We’ll feel amazing, have the energy we crave, and use food to fuel and heal this year.

Live this year to the max, and that starts with taking care of yourself. After all, we only get one body and one life. How do you want yours to feel?