One of the most frequent questions I get lately fall into this apparently trendy line ‘why can’t I do and enjoy the things I love’, ‘how can I get myself to do what I have to do”, “why the things I like doing feel boring”.

I jump in with a ‘been there, done that, I get you’, however I noticed two patterns in here, some people do not really want to change that mood because they feel comfort in not being able to do things, so they blame it on the lack of motivation. But then there are those, who like me in the past, got really off road and lost track of who they are.

For this group I have a few words to say that may help them gain back their willingness to do, and their ultimate joy in life.

Let’s start with saying that motivation mean to have motives for action, so finding out what are your real reason to put yourself back on track is the first step.

Dig deep in this question: what pulls the trigger from inside yourself?

If you struggle to motivate yourself everyday it could be because you, are either not in tune with your reasons to take action or you do not even know why (the real why) you should be taking action.

So, we can say that to keep yourself in motion, to keep yourself taking action, the best motivation you can have is your own reasons WHY.

My top 3 advices to stay motivated in life

  1. Have a VISION of where you are going.
  2. Make sure the vision is PERSONAL.
  3. Stay in alignment with your VALUES.
how to keep yourself motivated in life

How to stay motivated everyday

Knowing how to motivate yourself will turn you into a self sustainable and self reliable person.

When you know what moves you you will be better equipped to deal with external problems.

You know, life happens and we have no control over what will happen to us. We can’t control what kind of tragedy may happen to us or what would be the next mood switch trigger for us.

We can only accept that life happens. Life has its ways to present itself and it is totally fine to fall off the road, to lose the light, to feel down.

You must be able to carry on with your plans no matter what.

And you can only do that if you know

1) what you are doing; and

2) why are you doing it.

Here are a few questions you could ask yourself to help you find out your reasons ‘why’:

  • Ask yourself why are you involved in that project?
  • Why is it important that you carry on?
  • What will happen if you quit?
  • How will your life be like if you continue pursuing this project?
  • How will your life look like if you stop pursuing this project?

 In conclusion

To keep yourself motivated in life everyday you must have a clear direction, and active dream, goal or something that is calling you. Keep yourself in connection with your inner self and allow yourself time to live this vision in your mind every day. 
You need to give yourself reasons to take actions, and these reasons may come from within you.