In today’s highly changing business world, getting traction in your business or achieving success can be a challenge. Competing for people’s attention and standing out in the crowd are keys to get to where you want in business. With so many things to do, many quickly feel overwhelmed.

First, don’t get so consumed by frustrations that these common problems run you and your business. You must gain control and get a grip. Here are some practical ways to achieve the success in business that you’ve always envisioned.

1. Know What You Want

As simple as this sounds, many get distracted by what others are doing, what you think you HAVE to do, and in the day-to-day and lose track of their vision. You will never really know how to get somewhere if you don’t know where you are going. In the same way, having a destination or target is crucial in getting traction in your business. Having a vision gives you a target; setting business goals will give you direction. Without any target, you lack focus. Your business goals not only motivate you but also enable you to take control of the decisions you make each day. They also provide a benchmark for knowing whether you’re succeeding or not.

To achieve your targets, you must know how to set them properly. Keep in mind the process for traction and success begins with careful consideration of your vision of what you want to obtain, then goal setting and ends with hard work.

2. Have A Plan With Baby Steps

Most successful people didn’t get to where they are in a day or two. Rushing things and being in a hurry shouldn’t be the way you approach your goals. The most effective strategy you can actually use to become successful is learning to build upon small victories. The most successful business leaders will tell you that they’ve achieved their level of business success by having a plan and taking simple steps, one at a time. Keep in mind that a little success goes a very long way in propelling you to the finish line. Many authors will tell you they just wrote one hour a day. People lose weight one pound at a time. Companies grow, one hire at a time. Don’t discount the small steps and discipline that matter each day to get traction in the long run.

3. Whatever You Do, Do Something. BE IN ACTION.

Stretch your comfort zone and do not be afraid of going after your goals. Successful leaders and individuals are not free of worry or fear, but they move forward despite all of these. They have learned how to uplift and motivate themselves and get themselves to take actions.

Once you get started, it becomes much easier to stay in motion. However, that first movement or action is usually the most difficult and challenging part. Little by little, you will realize that your actions will then gather momentum. Before you actually know it, you have achieved your goals.

Also, expect there will be obstacles. As you are going along, it is part of the process to have some hurdles along the way. Don’t stop and stare at the hurdle – it makes it almost impossible to get over it. It is critical you are centered as a leader so you can keep running and clear the obstacles.

Whether your goal is to start a business, lead effectively, improve yourself, get in the best shape of your life, having a plan but without an action will not take you anywhere. Taking consistent actions on a daily basis will certainly accumulate into great results. Remember that there must be movements towards your goal for things to start to happen. With proper vision and goals, taking baby steps and staying in action on your goals and desires, you will make progress and start to see traction in your business.

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  • Christy Geiger

    Executive & Leadership Coach

    Synergy Strategies

    Christy is an seasoned and certified Coach for executives/CXO, leaders, entrepreneurs and top performers with a truly refreshing and unique perspective. Since 2002, she has worked with over 1000 individuals to break through personal and business barriers to perform at their best. She is passionate about learning, challenging the status quo and helping her clients achieve their desired goals. With extensive background in human psychology, personality and strengths, Christy leads each of her clients to better understand themselves, their clients and their team to increase efficiency and productivity. Over the course of her career, Christy has helped her clients customize their approach to implement strategies which maximize personal strengths and styles, and to break through personal barriers and limitations to perform at their highest. With her approach, Christy has helped solopreneurs, business leaders, and CEO’s to grow start-up businesses or expand their organization into multi-million dollar companies. She has helped businesses and non-profits grow, developed leadership teams, and coached CEOs to leverage both their strengths and weaknesses to transform their leadership styles and that of their organizations. Whatever your goal is, Christy expands internal awareness and insight to break through personal barriers guiding individuals to reach new sales, marketing, or team production. Christy brings over 15 years of personal and professional experience to each of her clients. She has developed teams in the corporate world, earned a Master's degree in Psychology, and is certified in the use of the DISC personality system, Guerrilla Marketing approach and Rule the Room Financial system. Founded in her belief each person has God-given strengths and talents, she also works with those in career discovery, transition and advancement to better understand and leverage their gifts and skills to love their work and place in the world. She grew up in California but has lived on the East Coast (North Carolina), and in the Midwest (Minnesota) and now calls Texas (Austin) home with her husband and two children.