As a ‘mom boss’ I’m keenly aware that my daughter watches my every move. Successes, failures, frustrations, friends, mentors, community – her eyes are always on me. I know I’m not the only one because even if it’s not your own daughter, there are countless other young girls who are watching. And learning.

This is huge!   As moms and girl bosses, we have a platform and a responsibility.  One of the best ways to ensure our girls become the best version of themselves is to model what we’ve learned throughout our own journeys.   Our journeys as girls, as women, are overflowing with meaningful lessons!

So as I thought about this incredible responsibility that we carry – and even greater opportunity –  I flipped through my virtual rolodex of things I’ve learned as a girl boss.  Wow!  There are more than I thought!  So which ones made the cut?



Yup, feel the fear and do it anyways!  This entrepreneurial journey has opened me up to a whole new world and I’ve been scared. A lot.  That being said, it’s also brought me the most amazing accomplishments, connections and growth.

I’ve learned that the best things are actually waiting on the other side of the fear.

  • The confidence
  • The accomplishment
  • The next level
  • New ideas
  • Motivation to push even further

If we show our girls that we are all made to do hard things, they will begin to develop the confidence to do the things that scare them.  Talk about your successes and your failures, but especially talk about the fear you pushed through and what you learned. We don’t want to teach them to not be scared – we want to show them that they can be scared and do it anyways!  


Our words are a powerful force. They can literally determine the path we go down, the way we perceive the world around us, and how we put ourselves out into that world.  What are some of the most important words we use?  You guessed it – the ones we say to ourselves!   We all have that inner voice that we sometimes need to quash, telling us we can’t do something or that we aren’t good enough.   If we model using words that reflect growth and opportunity, we can help them change that voice and their outlook at the same time. 

This is one of my favorite examples – so simple, but so effective.  Let’s say you, or your girls, feel nervous about trying something new.  Who hasn’t been asked “What’s the worst that could happen?”  I think we’ve all heard this or asked this at one time or another! 

But what if…..what if we flipped the script?  What if instead we asked “What’s the best thing that could happen?” 

BOOM!  Instant mindset shift with just one word.  Automatically that powerful inner voice starts thinking about all the amazing things that could come out of it, instead of what could go wrong. Imagine how this one simple shift will help your girls as they navigate through the ups and downs of girlhood!


If there was only one thing we could model for our girls, my one and only would definitely be the idea of community and sisterhood over competition. I’m such a huge supporter of the ‘community over competition’ movement that so many of us have joined wholeheartedly.  This is where it’s at! 

When it comes to our young girls, let’s face it – girl life can be tricky and we know this because we’ve been there!  They’re young and this is the perfect time for us to show them that:

  • Another girl’s success is NOT their own loss;
  • They’re stronger together;
  • They’ll go farther by helping each other along the way;
  • Reaching out to support another girl is a gesture that will have a greater impact than any negative comment or gossip ever should. 

Are you with me?   I’m getting goosebumps over here!!  

We can show them that their most powerful allies will be in the community they build along the way.  They need to build their community with intention. Everyone is different and because of this everyone has something to offer.  Root the community in values and heart.  Be supportive, be inclusive, be goal-oriented. This will be a game changer. 

We can work together to make them so confident and strong that when they do encounter the competition (and they will!) they can brush it aside and know that they are above that.  Let’s teach them to leave the competition on the playing field because they are so much more!

…their most powerful allies will be in the community they build along the way.

alison sherley

Powerful, right? When we actually stop to think how much we’ve learned along the way and how these lessons can benefit our girls, it’s pretty amazing. I believe that we are the experts! I want your girls to conquer girlhood like nobody’s business and every step that builds their confidence is a step towards this goal.

I want this for your girls! They will thrive and the overwhelm of navigating social pressures can be avoided. If you’re ready to boost her confidence, I’ve put together some free resources for you.

Let’s skyrocket their ‘girlhood’ experiences so they remember them… for all the right reasons!

Ali founded her own brand in 2020, helping other moms support their girls through the maze of girlhood pressures. She is your biggest cheerleader when it comes to supporting your girls and genuinely wants to see them conquer girlhood like nobody’s business! Ali is a Calgary native and mother to three growing kids.

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