3 Lessons that helped me to start Silicon Valley Times

It’s been more than 5 years since I started to write professionally. As a beginner I used to write on whatever topic that came in my mind and not really thinking if it’s useful for the audience. That resulted in less readers because the post didn’t connect to the audience in any way possible. It taught me a powerful lesson and motivated me to write about solutions to empower people. Today I run some of the most engaging blogs including Silicon Valley Times.

Till today, I have started multiple blogs that have generated income in various ways. I have even sold a couple of them and helped others to start their digital entrepreneurship journey. 

One of the essential lessons I learned is to be patients and keep learning. Most entrepreneurs want maximum results at the beginning of their business year. Rushing to make money without proper knowledge leads to low return on investment. For people who have been in business for longer and have created thriving businesses; it’s easier to replicate the process and build the next big thing. Knowing possible mistakes/ failures and having proven plans is a great strategy to create a successful business. This status can only be achieved by being on the business game for longer or working together with a business coach.

Master the process

To build an authority in any field, an entrepreneur should master the process. For beginners  it’s quite hard to win over experts  because they know every move. Mastering the sale, marketing, and management are some of the crucial skills that help an entrepreneur to build a thriving business for years.  

Get help

It’s essential to understand that we can’t do all the things by ourselves. Invest in staff who can execute the difficult task, so you can get enough time to plan the next step. Businesses can’t be run by a single person.  A dedicated team who understands the vision is the key to build a strong business. If you are in the beginning stage and can’t afford staff, start with freelancers and get assistance to finish the work without errors.

Have passion

Successful entrepreneurs are not sharing the word of wisdom for fun. When they say they have passion for what they do, they mean it. It is comparatively hard to work for years on your business if you don’t like it. As an employee you might not have any option rather than working everyday for others but in entrepreneurship it’s easy to quit and move back to working for others if you fail. The risks are high, you need to be mentally strong and not quit even all the odds are not in your favour. To be able to do so, an entrepreneur needs to have passion and love the work even after not getting paid.