The root of all evil? I’m not sure I believe that one, to be honest.

I recently heard someone say that “money is neutral, but whatever you are, it will make you more of that.” Now that is more like it. When I think about having a mindset of abundance, especially where money is concerned, I think about how having more could give me so much more opportunity to help those I love, and do things for others in a bigger way. The way I have always wanted to. That doesn’t sound evil to me. As I thought about this, I realized this is not the only lie I have told myself about money, and they all had to stop.

Wealthy people are selfish

Again, this may be true if a person is selfish in the first place. But a person who has a generous nature, and wants to share what they have and be charitable, isn’t suddenly going to become selfish as they make more money and gain wealth. On the contrary. Most people who have a generous disposition, will only see wealth as an opportunity to do more for others, not less. Seeking to find opportunities to increase your wealth is not a crime, is not shameful, and is not selfish. As long as what you’re doing to earn it is ethical, honest, and not hurting anyone, acquiring more money is actually freedom. And freedom gives you the ability to do more for others.

Having Money Makes You Out Of Touch

This is such another negative thought. Money doesn’t have the power to do that. That is something a person has inside of themselves. You are either that type of person, who cares little about others and their needs and struggles, or you’re not. If you aren’t, you won’t suddenly forget what it took you to get to a better place, and how you can help others do the same. Having abundant money can do so much more to help you get in touch with others, just by giving you the ability to spend time learning about their challenges and having an avenue to help resolve issues.

Having Money Isn’t For Everyone, Only For Some

This idea is so limiting. While it may be more difficult for some, and it may take a little more courage and creativity to find an in-road, having money isn’t reserved only for some. Think of all the people you know that have abundant money. Are they all smarter than you? Did they all have opportunities that were not available to you? Are they all more talented? Not likely.

In today’s world, if you have access to a computer, you can get really scrappy and get in the game. You can reach out to anyone you admire and start a conversation. There are a million ways to do that today. You can take a course on just about anything you love, show the world your gift on a variety of platforms, and remind people of it every day. There is always someone that needs what you are doing. 

Gone are the days of having to climb some ladder in some place in order to get ahead. Especially when by doing that it means that you are building someone else’s dream while your spirit is being crushed and your gift is being wasted. It’s there for all of us. Go after it. It has your name on it.

We all need to do a lot better to change our thoughts about money. It has gotten quite a bad rap these days, and it isn’t doing anyone any good. We need to get out of our own heads, change what we tell ourselves about money and push forward with a new vision about it. 

Remember, money is neutral. It’s power of good and evil lives only in the person that is holding it. So know yourself, believe that if you work to bring money into your life, you will be able to make positive changes that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

Now I see money very differently than I have in the past. It’s not selfish to have it unless I am selfish. It’s available to me and anyone else if we work in a positive way and respect it. I can welcome it in good conscience, knowing that having it will open doors for me to do more things. 

Those reasons are enough to go after it.