It’s natural, isn’t it? Getting stuck and not knowing which way to turn. Don’t tell me this is only me that ends up like this because I don’t believe you!

You can pride yourself on knowing the answers, and let’s say most of the time you do, but ignoring those inner calls and still saying you are OK is like deflating a balloon inside of you. Do you know that sound it makes when it shrivels down?

Your inner voice is saying, ‘oh no, I thought you were going to be excellent at that, and we were going to have so much fun!’

Most of us will do this at some point or another, and while our stories have variables in them, they all have a familiar twang. Here are three great life lessons from three great clients and how to overcome them.

Client 1 – Let’s call her Carol

A photographer with the unique ability to find the best in her subjects. She wants to have a full diary and ramp her business up to the next level, but she’s struggling. Why is she not flying?

I’m sooo busy!

That’s her line. Is it yours?

And are you, really?

Or are you just making an excuse to stop yourself from stepping into your brilliance and claiming the success that is rightfully yours? Some people wear the ‘I’m so busy’ badge like a badge of honour.

Taking a deeper look at Carol, every time she wanted to build on her communications with her client list, there was a very plausible excuse (she thought) to stop her from taking that step. A step, by the way, that was nonsense as her clients would love to hear from her and see her outstanding work!

Moving Carol out of her own way was step 1.

Is this you?

Step aside and take the action anyway. You might find you are surprised at what you can achieve.

Client 2 – Let’s call her Kim

A super professional and together lady who spent 20 years in a big corporate before being made redundant. She wasn’t unhappy about that fact; she was unhappy about her next move and not knowing immediately what it was.

So many people are in this position right now. So many people see this as a time to PANIC rather than as a time of excitement.

How you look at a situation is precisely your outcome.

Taking some time for yourself and understanding who you are now and where you want to go is everything at this point. You change! And being in a company for 20 years will have seen some colossal changes in you.

Reassessing what you have become and looking forward to where you want to go is your Step 1. Acknowledging your aspirations and listening to your instincts is vital just now.

You can often only do this when you give yourself some space. Taking time to enjoy some hobbies, visit the seaside, or taking a long walk can often yield some great insight. And don’t panic; the understanding often comes later, when you are making some food or showering or minding your own business.

Being brave to step outside of yourself and taking your life to a new level is enormously rewarding.

Client 3 – Let’s call her Ruth

Being run over by a cancer diagnosis has brought Ruth to her knees. Her landscape doesn’t resemble anything she recognised before she heard those words. Besides recovering from treatment and the fallout, she is financially vulnerable and has no clue what her life looks like anymore.

The Step 1. When your landscape alters beyond your wildest dreams either through a chronic illness, grief, divorce, you name it, and life can throw it, letting go and not holding on so tightly will ease your route through.

Letting go will also leave some space for your life to step up to meet you and show you the way.

With anything major landing in your lap, banning fear and reclaiming your life is your most significant focus. Something you must work at every day. This level of work can be enormous fun as well as mighty scary. Suddenly you can look back, and while you might not be fully upright, you can be proud of your achievements.

Everyone has their own story, their challenges, their aspirations; looking yours in the face and working out if you need help to move you along is a gift to yourself. Like the examples mentioned, there is always a route or several through. Lean on a friend or professional to support you, and make sure you interview each other to see if you are a match – but that’s another conversation!