Personal Transformation

It was yet another regular day when I woke up for the office. Over a decade of my career, I often caught myself working in autopilot mode, But why was I not involved with my work? Had I lost the purpose and motivation for life? These questions never bothered me! Unless life hit me hard with adverse and challenging psychological turbulences. I discovered that I had lost the valuable gift of my life:-creativity and intrinsic motivation.

Life had to teach me lessons that I had not learned. Eventually, I faced inner conflicts and challenges from the day I left my job two years back to the day I discovered my life’s purpose.

I will share my few life lessons that will help anyone who faces inner conflicts with their struggle to walk on the path of personal transformation.

Nurture core values

We may get tired of working our way through challenging times. I agree it’s exhausting. Just as we need to have strength and stamina to swim across a river. Similarly, we need to nurture our core values and exercise our strengths and abilities.

However, it is not a stop-gap arrangement but a long term strategy for a purposeful life. It is tempting to blame the circumstances and people or self-doubt our abilities. However, we must choose to stay grounded with our core values and focus on inner strength.

In my experience, I derived my self worth from my core values. Discovering and being aware of the core values is the first step for a meaningful life. Then to build abilities around those is the next.

Small and gradual shifts in developing those abilities can help shape our attitude and confidence. For example, If my core value is caring, I can develop many skills to express my core value.

Take a quick achievable step

The first step towards our transformational journey plays a vital role in life. When I started my journey towards personal transformation, I self doubted my abilities. There will be a voice that says we cannot do it or do it later. Beware, these are calls to procrastination. The more we pay attention and approve those limiting thoughts, the longer we take to build self-confidence. The sooner we take the first step and create our experience, the better we will be equipped with tools and abilities to cope with challenging times. Taking a small, achievable, and objective oriented action is the key to deal with procrastination.

Failure is an opportunity for improvement

If we involve our judgemental mind to access our personal transformation’s progress, we limit the possibilities of growth opportunities. Our learning attitude and perception of success are crucial to remaining productive even in adverse situations. Failure can be perceived as a source of disappointment and self-doubt. However, it can also be viewed as an opportunity to learn about ourselves, improve the learning process, and increase the emotional agility and mental strength. Thus, we need to choose our approach to learning and development consciously.

I believe the journey of personal transformation starts with an inner drive to experience the joy of creation and manifest unique ideas. If we learn how to flow with the life challenges to manifest our creative expression, we can transform our lives and encourage others to follow an authentic life.