So many business owners I come across struggle with overwhelm and anxiety about their business and I have found that for most of them these symptoms are a result of the same three causes.

That’s why in working with my clients, I start with these basics to alleviate overwhelm and anxiety and replace that with being confidently relaxed.

Not having a Clear Vision.

Many business owners think they have a clear vision, but on closer inspection it is quite the opposite. Yes, a long-term vision of say 3 to 5 years is defined in more broad ideas. However, when we look at where we want to be in 1 year, we definitely want to get much more specific.

For example, here you define how many clients you want to serve and what your business and lifestyle financial needs are. You also want to think of where you want to be professionally and personally in 12 months.

Not having a Business Model.

Let me explain what I mean by a business model. Creating your unique business model allows you to determine what your business needs in order to fulfill your 12-month vision in terms of clients, offerings and finances.

If you decide how much revenue you want to generate in your business over the next 12 months, then the next step is to determine how you will get there. In doing so, you take the offerings you have and multiply the price by the number of clients you have. That gives you the expected revenue and now can you see if you are on par, over or under budget.

If you are on par or under budget, then you need your creative juices flowing to get more clients and restructure your current offerings or create new offerings for your clients so that you can retain your current clients.

This also shows you what offerings your best income generators are and to capitalize on re-launching those programs as often as you can.

Not having a Plan.

When you have your clear vision for the year and you know what you are offering your clients and whether you need to create new packages, products or programs to get more clients, you need to create a strategy to make it happen.

Planning your year so that you know when you offer what to your clients, immediately alleviates overwhelm and anxiety. It not only shows you how you fill your year with what you have currently, it also shows you when you have time available for new opportunities.

Even though you may get a huge shock realizing that your current business model falls way short of your expectations, you now are in the position to do something about it.

This big-picture view of your year at a glance then allows you to include time for program development, or block time to write a book, schedule joint-venture opportunities, etc. Most importantly you plan your holidays, special days and time-off.

Last but not least, it shows you what revenue you can expect every month and now you have the opportunity to strategically plan your monthly income to satisfy your business and lifestyle needs. 

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  • Dina Marais

    Business & Life Reinvention Coach

    Dina is a Business & Life Reinvention Coach and works with entrepreneurs and professionals to reinvent their business and life, live a stress-free lifestyle and make money in harmony with their heart, health and the Universe. Dina believes to BE the change you want to see in your business by mastering your mindset energy vibration and leverage your expertise to manifest your vision and business lifestyle. She has been involved in coaching and business for more than 16 years. Dina is a co-author with 19 other women world wide sharing their love journeys of trauma and triumph in the #1 International Best Seller Love Unboxed by Placida Acheru.