Could you do without the familiar feeling of overwhelm?

Our mind can work against us sometimes, but it can just as easily work for us as long as we’re giving it good instructions. Mantras are statements that we tell our brain to take control of the steering wheel and shift out of any limiting beliefs which might be holding us back. Today, I want to arm you with 3 powerful mantras which can help you to ground your energy and re-centre your thoughts during stressful situations.

“I know who I am and what I want to achieve…”

When we feel overwhelmed, it’s usually because too many people are putting their demands on us or a single person is putting too much on our to-do list. Many of the things that you’re being asked to do might not even be a worthwhile use of your time, which will only make you feel even more frustrated.

By repeating this mantra to yourself out loud or in your mind, you can remind yourself why you’re really doing this and what your end goal is. Perhaps this job is getting you the experience that will land you your dream job, or maybe this presentation that you’re working on will give you exposure to the people who decide your promotion.

Remembering who you are and what you want to achieve allows you to stand firm and mentally eliminate any activities which aren’t serving your end goals. You are then in a position to outsource them or do them at a later date.

“My mood is mine and it is not for the taking…”

Have you ever had it where a throwaway comment or bad driver has completely derailed your mood for the rest of the day?

Staying strong and avoiding overwhelm requires taking full ownership and responsibility of what’s going on in our own head. No-one else can physically climb into our mind – as much as some may try – and that means that your mood is always entirely your own. You probably have your own personal mood “uppers” that you turn to in troubled times, whether it’s food, friends or a walk in nature, and it’s important to recognise what simple and free methods you have for raising your mood.

However, if you’re stuck in a cubicle at work or unable to reach for your trusty mood boosting practices, this mantra is the perfect mental supplement. Your mood is always yours and you are the only one who can think your thoughts. Notice who is changing your mood for the worse and how, and prevent it from declining any further by recalling this mantra.

“I am not here to please everyone, and I’m never going to…”

This one is for all of you current and recovering people pleasers.

Overwhelm can often be a result of trying to please too many people at once, losing ourselves in the process. At the end of the day, you won’t be able to help anyone else if you’re not looking after yourself first! This mantra is here to remind you that you’re never going to please everyone, nor are you meant to – so give yourself a mental break.

People will disagree with what you have to say. People will diss your work. People will probably talk about you behind your back. And that’s all on them, and never you. As I said before, only you are responsible for what’s going on in your own mind. Getting comfortable with the initial discomfort of knowing that you’re never going to please everyone is the best thing that you can do to avoid overwhelm.

Use this mantra to remind yourself that other people’s opinions aren’t actually your responsibility.

Remember: Your power is always yours!

A mantra may sound too whimsical to work, but the reality is that they’re a powerful confirmation of what you choose to believe and how you choose to react. If you have 2 minutes free to meditate with these statements in mind, then great – but even when you don’t, you can replace any negative, stress-inducing thoughts with these words instead.

Repeat these 3 mantras to yourself out loud or in your head (preferably both!) to see how your cortisol drops and your confidence builds. You’re entirely capable of dealing with anything that gets thrown at you, and these powerful mantras are 3 tools which can help you to regain composure even in the most challenging situations.

I believe in you!