It’s 2020 and high time you get out of your own way. How you ask? Well, it all starts in the mind. Sounds trite but read on to see if you’re not sabotaging yourself with these mindset impairments.

The “What if this doesn’t work” Mindset

Let’s just get this obvious one out of the way first. My response, so what? What if it doesn’t work? Is that really such a horrible concept… that you tried something and you didn’t get the results you were looking for. It happens from Steve Jobs (fired from his own company) and Michael Jordan (I hear he didn’t make the team when he started) to our company and world leaders. I mean just look at Elon Musk and look at what he has built. I’m not saying be happy to fail or put failure on some pedestal as the only learning path, but I am saying that ‘ish happens and failure ensues. Get really comfortable with that idea.

Oh, but wait… here’s a novel idea…what if it does work…

How many things have you successfully done that when you had the idea or first started you just knew it wouldn’t work? Seriously, take a moment and think about that. Big or small, doesn’t matter, just that you had no idea how it would work and you may have even bet against yourself. BUT then you accomplished it, like a boss! Now, with that accomplishment in mind, what would your life be like if you had never tried what you believed to be the impossible or improbable?

That is your answer. Let that “what if” analysis paralysis, a construct of fear, GO.

Do. It. Now.

Ok, let’s move on.

The “This already exist” Mindset

There’s a reason the grocery store is packed with different brands, same products. From lotion and makeup to cereal and pasta, there are similar (if not the exact same) products but different brands…Revlon, L’Oréal, CoverGirl, Maybelline, and the list goes on and on. All profitable companies and none of them plan to stop just because there is another company also making the same product. That’s because there is something for everyone. A product that speaks to you doesn’t necessarily speak to me. It could be package colors, ownership, branding, or the way the stars aligned.

People like options and sometimes it the same product presented a different way moves them to purchase. I know you’ve had that moment where you’ve told someone (your significant other, sibling, child, friend) something many times before; then, a seemingly stranger says “the exact same thing” you’ve been saying and that someone is moved to take action. It’s funny, but also a lesson. The “exact same thing” is perceived differently. So, stop letting that mindset get in your way. You have something to offer the world…put it out there.

The “I’m not formally educated” Mindset

Ok, hear me out on this one because I hear it ALL the time from my career and business startup coaching clients. I know people love a degree in something or a certificate in something. But what people like more is demonstrated knowledge that produces a specific desired outcome. So, you didn’t go to school to be a graphic designer, but the work in your portfolio is jaw dropping and gorgeous…all the degrees and certificates won’t necessarily yield great work product. Often a degree or certificate provides (aside from concept and knowledge) a boost of confidence in your skills and validation (both internally and externally). If you have honed your skill or have a talent/gift (graphic design, website building, coaching, hair styling, carpentry, business management, etc.) be confident in your work product and your results.

I know, I hear you saying, “but I only have a handful of results or a small portfolio”. That’s okay; even if you only have a few results, build on the fact you’ve done it once, you can do it again. You have a repeatable process. And don’t get me wrong, there will always be folks who are hung up on how many pieces of paper you have and letters behind your name and where those letters came from. That’s fine because there are also folks who are interested in your demonstrated knowledge that produces a specific desired outcome that they want and need.

Confidence is key. Remember, there is no degree or certificate for being a CEO or the President of the United States.  Your ability to confidently lead, inspire, co-create, and execute will open doors for you.

Believe in yourself because you’re awesome in all ways and always!