3 success mistakes

Success is as much a mind game as anything else. If you’re not feeling as successful as you think you should be, then it’s probably what’s going on between your own two ears.

That’s why, today we have three success “mistakes” that people make often. Avoid them and you’ll be well on your way to a future that’s designed by you.

1. A Willingness to Fail & Learn

So many of us are taught to think and dream small. We think if we don’t dream big then we won’t fail big. And yet, when you look at the most successful people, they’ve failed over and over again. So, the biggest mistake I see others make is that they don’t believe they can do what they dream of. They are too scared to take the leaps that life has to offer.

And if you don’t believe in yourself and your amazing future, there’s nothing else that will work for you. Use these positive affirmations for success and money to help change your thinking >>

2. Low Confidence

Especially among women, this can be a big problem.

I recently hired a friend to help with my business. But after a few weeks, we had to set two ground rules. She was not allowed to apologize for asking questions. And she was not allowed to berate herself in any way. Ex. “I was being an idiot…”

In truth, this woman is one of the most disciplined, intelligent, and inspiring people I know. But she obviously doesn’t give herself enough credit. She’s amazing, and I want her to have the confidence to go out into the world and show it.

3. The Lens You’re Looking Through

Now, sometimes we ARE successful but we don’t see it. So, instead of comparing yourself to others, look back at your last 2 years.

Where have you grown? Are you better off than you were two years ago? In what ways? Acknowledge how far you’ve come and you may realize that success is already here. OR that it’s within your grasp.

In Conclusion

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