Your Morning Routines Can Help You Make It a Great Day EveryDay!

Having a set routine where I do the same thing every morning is really a critical part of my day.  It’s choosing to have a consistent practice to ensure I won’t start my morning feeling overwhelmed and off center.  The morning time belongs to you, and it’s when you will set the tone for the rest of your day.  Below are 3 of the easiest Morning Rituals that while super simple, can simply change your life:  

1.  COFFEE MEDITATION.  Ok, so drinking coffee isn’t quite “meditating,” but I’ve found that sitting quietly with my cup of coffee is its own form of meditation.  The caffeine gives me a needed jolt to wake from my sleepy state and get my brain moving again.  Some days this means I’ll be quietly reflecting on the tasks ahead for my day. Other days I’ll focus on just letting my mind rest in the comfort of the present moment, being mindful of how much I’m enjoying the quiet & slow start to the day.  If coffee isn’t your thing, tea, water, or juice can work just fine too.  Just sit still and let your mind wander freely.

2.  GET CREATIVE.  Morning time is really great for getting your creative juices going for the day ahead.  Doodle.  Draw.  Write.  Paint.  Listen to music.  As I drink my coffee, I instinctively start to doodle on my napkin.  Every.  Morning.  Without fail.  I’m not even sure how or why it starts to happen, but it just does.  It’s just something that flows out of me, and suddenly I’m in the flow.  Find your natural creativity that’s your own form of self-expression.  You’ll find that it’s incredibly relaxing and nourishing to your freshly awakened mind.  You may even feel like it’s therapeutic as it relaxes and invigorates you all at the same time.

3.  READ.  You don’t have to read a novel.  We know the morning time is precious, and you need your sleep too so you can start your day well!  And I think it goes without saying that reading your Facebook feed is not the type of reading that will work either.  Read something inspirational or motivational that you’re drawn to.  There’s no better way to start your day than with a positive thought you can carry with you into your day.  Maybe you’ve got a ton of quotes you’ve pinned on Pinterest you can browse through.  Maybe you’re reading a spiritual text like A Course In Miracles for the next 365 days like I am.  Or maybe you can use your morning reading time to be inspired by my Daily Inspirations.  Whatever it is you read, just get into the habit of including this into your morning routine and watch how it starts to shift your day.  

Some of these rituals may seem too simple to change your life.  But don’t be so quick to judge.  Rituals are the most effective and self-empowering tools we have at our disposal.  So find the rituals that work for you, and start making them habit & routine!   What are some of the ways you start your day?  What’s worked?  What’s your favorite morning ritual?