Wake Up Early

What happens when you wake up late? Your first thought is a negative one — something like, Ohhhh no! You’re frantically trying to get ready, which makes your anxiety skyrocket. Your feelings at the beginning of the day can affect your mood until you are able to rest again and reset. But there’s a second part of waking up early that must be put into effect for this simple technique to work.

Give Yourself Alone Time

Waking up early and immediately checking and responding to work emails does not calm the mind before a long day. It just puts you to work earlier, making your days seem much longer. The key to waking up early is giving yourself time to properly awaken. What do you enjoy doing most on the weekends? Treat your alone time before work the same way. Whether it’s watching your favorite morning show, working out, or just simply reading a book or meditating, make sure to put in 20 minutes of that special time before getting ready for (or even thinking about!) work.

Eat A Healthy Breakfast

The key word is “healthy.” Most of us feel better when we are nourished properly. And when you start your day with a balanced breakfast, you are more likely to stick to eating healthy food throughout the day. Get in the routine of eating a protein-packed breakfast that you enjoy, and start making it every day before work. This simple routine will keep your diet on track and your ability to focus sharp. The worst kind of day is when your crashing from a sugar high at 1 PM (and still have four hours of work to get through).

Originally published at medium.com