1. Arod
His debut ‘Lend Me Your Ear’ is celebrated as one of the best records of the year.

The Austin, Texas born and raised artist has dealt with a lot of hardship throughout his life. Despite an eventful childhood and youth Arod has always kept his positive outlook and a remarkable work ethic to make a positive change, for himself as well as his surrounding. 

Being our only artist in this top 3 to represent the US, he is carrying on the tradition of straight storytelling in the style of Nas and Jay-Z, although his distinctive flow and modern sound make him extremely unique.

Being raised by his single grandmother and having early ties to the streets, Arod graduated from high school and went to college against all odds, before he decided to put studies on hold to dedicate his life to the music. And it’s a blessing for all of us. His debut album ‘Lend Me Your Ear‘ exceeded all expectations this year and has become an instant classic. With its positive messages and an artist that goes toe to toe with his demons, it leaves a special impact.

2. Headie One

Headie One is currently the highest demanded artist in the UK.

Headie One was one of the first to emerge with the drill scene in the UK. He is also one of the first who decided to take it further, develop and kept developing his own sound. In 2020, he is at the top of UK Hip-Hop with international artists begging for features and a highly anticipated next album ahead. Earlier this year he collaborate with producer Fred Again to release an unusual yet brilliant EP. Prior to that, he had just been released from a stint in jail. 

Headie One approaches a lot of his daily life in his lyrics in intelligent ways, talking about the struggles of black communities in today’s UK as well as his personal story. 

With his new album around the corner, he definitely deserves his spot on this list.

3. Kelvyn Colt

Kelvyn Colt represents the spirit of the European youth.

The bilingual multi-talented artist, who found his way up somewhere between Berlin and London, is currently on the verge to make it big overseas. His skillset, distinctive voice and brilliant marketing have rewarded the young artist with a loyal and steadily growing group of fans. He has opened up against many stereotypes and unhealthy masculine stigmas and represents a new generation of hip-hop.

This week, he released his new single, showing off his singing voice for the first time, at least to this extend. He doesn’t disappoint at all and we’re very sure to see this young man on even bigger stages in the future.

Each in their own way, artists still use their voices to express their own emotions as well as the voice of a community. 

These three are particularly strong voices and tell you stories that are worth listening to.

So make sure you don’t miss out!