Confidently take these simple steps to realize your dreams.

Even in the last week of December, my whole being felt enormous energy and momentum for the coming year. As if I knew something big around the corning was waiting, I looked forward to the new year and was ready to the fresh new chapter. With all the preparation and growth of 2016 in my back pocket, I knew it’s time to embody my feminine essence, step into the full power and expression of who I truly am, and to inspire women all over the world to do the same: love being who they are.

When I asked my tribe what it was that they were looking forward to manifesting in 2017, my sisterhood roared back with deep desires of self-love, a strong and healthy body, self-nurture and mothering, healed relationships, connection back to herself and fearless self-expression.

I was so touched by the ladies’ resolutions, that I probed one step further: how are you going to make this happen? I was met with uncertainty, doubt and confusion as to how to go about making their 2017 dreams into reality. In no way was I going to let my tribe lose traction, hope or direction for their wishes, so I dedicated of one of the three free weekly trainings to share my three simple steps to make it happen in 2017.

Simple Steps to Realize Your 2017 Goals- live training from the Facebook community: YOUR Feminine Space to Being You & Loving It!

If you question whether you have set the right goal, have no clue where to begin or want to make sure that you are on track, here are three simple steps to ensure that 2017 is a success.

  1. Connect With Your Why

All the chatter of everyone else’s resolutions and talk of the newest trending goal can be distracting and enticing at the same time. We can easily lose sight of what we truly want and tag along for the ride with a generic goal that everyone seems to be aiming for. No wonder we lost interest of our resolutions or completely forget about them; they were never our authentic heart desire to begin with!

That’s the reason, step one is to connect with our why. Even if we have set a goal, still get in touch with the true essence of it. What is it all for? Why is it important? If in the process of feeling into the goal, it no longer feels right. Then feel into your heart and ask, what are my heart desires? What does my heart, body and being want me to do this year?

This pause of stillness is so valuable because we can reflect and connect to the deepest part of ourselves and align with the goal. It’s also particularly useful for those, like myself, who have a Capricorn nature and want things done quickly, now and right away. I am definitely guilty of catching onto a new idea and going full force straight away only to burn out and lose interest soon after. Or worse, I will be so focused on ‘making it happen’ that I jump into action going in the wrong direction.

So take the time to get in touch with yourself and really feel into what it is that you want this year. Goals don’t have to be set in stone. Let yourself have the freedom and flexibility to pivot if something no longer feels right.

2. Pay Attention to Your Natural Insights

Once you have connected with that deep place where you heart desires, visions and dreams come from, ask your body for the natural next step. Give yourself the time and space for the answer to come up. If you mind is in full gear and you hardly have any time to breath, then it is unlikely that valuable insights for your next step will arise.

Be extra mindful and you may get some intuitive insights as to what your next step to reach your goal should be. Your conscious mind may try to deliver this message in thoughts, visions, signs in your environment and more. Make sure to be open, present and aware so you can more easily receive the insights that you need. Know that the next step won’t be something unavailable or impossible for you.

For example, your natural insight may guide you to:

  • Speak with someone who’s knowledgeable in the change that you wish to create,
  • find a few girl friends to get support, have accountability or bounce off your ideas with,
  • Be mentored by a thought leader you know who already embodies or lives the results you are seeking,
  • or search for the book, video, community or coach that resonates with you.

3. Find Out What’s Stopping You From Your Dreams

One of the most important lessons I have learned in 2016 is that we all have blind-spots that are hard for us to see. May it be a deep-rooted habit, negative belief or destructive mindset, there are often things we are currently doing that bring us further away from our goals. That’s why, sometimes it isn’t about what we do, but what we stop doing that matters.

So what exactly is holding you back from your dreams and manifesting your visions? If you find yourself doing all the right things, but not making progress. Or the whole process a lot more of a struggle than it needs to be, then it’s time to find out the existing patterns that you may not be aware of.

The easiest to find out what’s blocking you and making your path difficult is to have someone hold the space for you with love, compassion and acceptance, and ask all the right questions so you can get clarity on what changes you wish to see, what’s stopping you from having it right now, and how to go about realizing it. If you want to create some amazing changes and transformations in your life in 2017, then hop onto a free Soul Dive Clarity Call with me here.

Together, let’s find out how you can succeed and reach your wildest dreams this year. You have all the resources you need to make it happen. I can’t wait to connect with you on this free Soul Dive Clarity Call and see you walk away with more clarity, confidence and alignment to make the best year yet.

Share your 2017 resolutions in the comments and go on this journey with hundreds of inspirational sisters at the Facebook community to get three free live trainings each week. See you inside!

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