It feels like an endless process.

The process doesn’t feel rewarding.

Theres a lot more downs than ups. A lot.

The process of dating, the process of being single.

When will it end, when will I find the right person?

We feel trapped.

Number 3 : 100% is the increase we see of someone liking us if we spend more time with them.

At our core, we have the same things in common. The important things. The same fears, the same hopes and aspirations. This allows us to relate to almost anyone.

Don’t let our insecurities stop us from continuing the conversation. Don’t let our initial judgement of someone prevent us from finding something interesting about the other person. Everyone has something interesting about them, it is the goal to find out what that is.

Number 2: 70% of the people out there will like you.

Lets just say I tested and seen this.

Knowing this. Knowing that the odds are our in our favor. The next time you see some one you want to say “hi” to, odds say, you should do it.

Number 1: 1% of people will like you, no matter what you do.

You are their type. They like you instantly and its obvious. You can can breath easy and be yourself.