The day you decide to become a chief executive officer of any business – yours or someone else’s, you sign up for an abnormal life. As a CEO, you are responsible for yourself, your workers, and most importantly, the growth of your business. While some aspects of this responsibility involve mental work only, some others will involve physical inputs as you will soon read here.

Taking a business to the next level does not come without some challenges. These are some of the most popular challenges top executives face, and practical tips on how to deal with them.

Workplace Paperwork

As a company’s CEO, you will have to deal with a lot of paperwork on daily basis. Depending on how big the company is, this could range from reading simple reports and memos prepared by the secretary, to sitting down with the accountant to study, analyze and sort out the truckload of papers that will be dumped on your table.

Paperwork can be so hectic and plenty sometimes that the CEO will have to continue previous day’s tasks the following day. For most people, this simple complication is enough reason to not be an entrepreneur or corporate executive.


The first and perhaps new most popular way of dealing with paperwork is to use dedicated mobile or desktop softwares. No need to recommend any such software. A look at Google Playstore or other software repositories will give you an idea of the top ones in the industry. Another option is to outsource the entire paperwork to an in-house employee or some freelance virtual assistant on the internet.

Workplace Stress

Stress is not limited to the corporate world; neither does it trouble CEO’s only. There are thousands, perhaps millions of employees out there that are burnt out due to job stress. However, we are paying special attention to business owners and managers since they bear the more responsibility in a company.

From slight headaches to failing memories and damp faces, signs of stress varies from one individual to another. However, whenever it attacks, a quick solution should be sought to avoid total breakdown of the individual.


There are many ways business executives can manage work-related stress. For majority, prescription medication is the way to go. Additionally, workplace routines and activities such as using the staircase instead of the elevator, taking short breaks during work, workout routines before going to work, and good food will do just good. Additionally, certain natural plant extracts can help too. For instance, Every Day Optimal CBD oil extracts relieve stress without leaving any known side effect.

Workplace Relations

This includes everything from basic office politics to skirmishes between employees. Typically, information flows in a company both vertically (from the bosses down to the employees) and horizontally (from one employee to another on the same level as the former) on a daily basis. This means information will likely get twisted, altered and conflicts are ultimately unavoidable.

On another level also, there will be interactions with clients or customers. There will also be relations between the company’s suppliers and business allies – all of these with the potentials of leading to disputes.


This largely depends on the size of the business. If the business is big enough, a dedicated team of talents is set up to manage both internal and external disputes, on a daily basis. For solopreneurs, however, there will be need to exhibit some dispute resolution skills. Here, the CEO must learn how to resolve various forms of conflicts even if it means taking related courses on Udemy.

Last Thoughts

There are several other things a CEO has to do or think about on a daily basis too. Talk about strategizing on how to take the company to the next level, recruiting staff, making key decisions, sourcing for fresh ideas, observing competition and much more. However, stress (which concerns the CEO’s health), corporate relations (which is the backbone of most businesses) as well as paperwork (which keeps track of activities), appear to be most crucial to a CEO’s success.


  • Yusuff Olayode

    Electrical Engineer, ex-Contributor @HuffPost, Guest Author @Thrive Global

    Yusuff Olayode Yusuff is an Electrical Engineer, former Tech Contributor at Huffington Post, former content editor at TheTick Times.