Have you ever written a book or thought about it? Many of you have and its something that’s fun and exciting to think about but most of you may feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought and are not sure where to start. If that’s you, I have the perfect article for you HERE.

If you’ve already written a book or are getting ready to publish soon, you may want to tune in so you can maximize your efforts with more income streams.

I published my first book in 2016 and am currently writing my second. Some time has lapsed between the first and second book due to assisting my father with publishing his first book at the age of 79. It was a fun daddy-daughter project that will live on past both of our lifetimes.

These days it’s easier an easier to self-publish your handiwork and it doesn’t have to be extremely expensive either. I’m a fan of reaping the benefits for years to come on work that I’ve done once. That’s what being an author will do for you.

Most authors are focused solely on book sales. If that’s your narrow focus, you may end up being disappointed with your share of the pie after royalties.

But don’t let the numbers get you down.

What you may not realize is that choosing to become a published author has opened up doors of credibility for you to be seen as an expert in your industry.

Allow me to elaborate.

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Perk #1 Paid Speaking Engagements

Always view your book as the key that will open up doors of opportunity for you.

Since 2009, I have worked with paid speaking engagements and one thing that I’ve learned over the years is that event coordinators love to hire speakers that are also authors. It shows that you’re more than credible to speak and educate their audience on your specific book topic.

If they have 2 exceptional keynote speakers to choose from, they will most likely go for the one that is a reputable author.

Not all speaking events will be paid, but be sure you’re allowed to self -promote from the stage to sell books or other services that you may offer. There is never a bad time to be in the spotlight, as it always works out in your favor down the road, paid or promotional.

A lot of authors have created a very healthy stream of income in the paid keynote industry, if you enjoy the stage and have a captivating personality, I highly recommend hiring a publicist to help you get started in this arena.

Perk #2 Paying Clients

Most non-fiction authors work in the service-based industry. Your book will allow others to see your inside angle of your personal story and expertise. It can be very vulnerable to publish a book, but the best part about that vulnerability is that it creates connection. Those that have read your book, will feel like they know you already, therefore closing the gap from reader to client very quickly. People like to buy from those that they know, like and trust and your book closes that gap ahead of time for you.

Be sure to always have your website or contact information easy to find in your book, or your ‘about author’ page. Even if you’ve never taken on a client before, keep an open mind, you may find yourself enjoying being a consultant.

I’ll give you one example. My brother-in-law has a building and contracting business. He renovates and builds homes in northern Michigan. He could publish a simple how-to book of do’s and don’t in regard to home renovations and anyone that wants to learn what he already knows, may buy it and read it. Most will read out of interest, that turns into needing deeper assistance, which turns into a buying customer.

Books can become an organic sales funnel to closing more paying clients, even if you’re a romance novelist, perhaps you can consult someone on how to write their own fictional storyline.

There is opportunity everywhere you look, just be sure to always be open to exploring those fun rabbit holes.

Perk #3 Paid Media

This category is a fun one for me, as I see it as a game, or a challenge as a publicist.

Paid media does exist, I promise. Think of every television show out there, talk shows, podcasts and publications. They need content or they are nothing but paid advertising without any substance to attract an audience.

This past month I submitted a short story of my dad’s book to a hunting magazine. They responded within 24 hours that they wanted first rights to his story and offered $400.00 for it. This is a printed hunting magazine. I know it’s not a lot of money, but it’s better than paying for advertising. It’s a win-win deal because he gets paid for the article in a well-known magazine and he also gets to promote his book which will push for future sales for a lifetime.

Another example, a friend of mine is publishing a book about his Christian testimony that has gained some interest to possibly record his story as a Christian movie or documentary. I’ve seen quite a few books end up as movies or even television shows.

The sky is the limit of what your book can evolve into and what doors it can open.

Remember, books are the keys that open many doors, your job is to just walk through them.

Big hugs!
Big love!

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