It is believed that stress accounts for 80 to 90% of the illness that man faces today. This stress can come in the form of physical stress (not getting enough sleep, working overtime, eating unhealthy food), psychological stress and emotional stress. All of these stresses can combine and leave you in severe pain, and your body injured.

There is so many stress relief technique you can do for stress therapy. Many books deal with this particular situation and, although they may approach it from different regions, they should be able to help you in a way or in a different way.

One of the oldest ways to get rid of stress is stress therapy. This form of therapy allows your larger organ, the skin, to rejuvenate and spread this health down on to other organs.

There are different ways most of us get rid of stress, Some people can find something specific that help them reduce stress levels quickly, but for someone else, this same technique may not work as well. That is why it is good to have a good method of getting rid of stress each time it knocked us down.
Here are some few ways to get rid of stress quickly.


Among the different ways to overcome stress and manage it successfully, exercise is one of those that each of us can personally assume. We can exercise many different ways to feel this stress relief, but it’s really about just making sure you exercise regularly. The reason for this success is because, during the time you are exercising, you will have the opportunity to sort out things in your mind that may have been jumbled for quite some time. At the same time, your body discharges chemicals, called endorphins, that will naturally help you feel better and improve your mental outlook.

Some of us may not be able to exercise daily for long periods. Fortunately, it is not always necessary for you to do this to see relief in the stress you feel. Merely doing 10 minutes of physical exercise three times a day can help you have a calmer mental attitude. Although you may not be getting the endorphin flare you would have when you push your body for long periods; it will still make a difference that you will be able to recognise.

If you can go to the gym or exercise at home consistently, you may discover that you have developed a dependency after a while. The reason is that the endorphins that are released help us feel better instantly and that high can go a long way and create dependency. The good thing to do is that this dependence is good for us and will help us to cope with the difficulties we face in life.

Bach flower remedies

Another working example of stress therapy is the Bach flower remedies. This is very similar to crystal therapy. However, as their name indicates, Bach flowers use flowers and buds instead of crystals. The flowers are placed on specific points of the body so that their positive energy can circulate and heal the body

Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing is another natural therapy against stress. In this technique, the healer will not use any crystal, flower or artifact. Instead, the healer uses his own body as a channel of positive energy. He or she puts a hand on a person and transfers his healing energy to the patient-specific parts of the body.