You must have found yourself trapped in situations in which you avoid doing certain things in life. It can be a difficult conversation, a specific task, make certain decisions, or anything that you’re uncomfortable with.

This happens because doing these things might trigger a bad memory, make someone angry, or create situations that you aren’t yet ready to face. So instead of putting yourself in such a situation, you decide not to do it at all or postpone it for later.

But no matter how much you try to avoid doing them, it has to be done someday or the other. Procrastinating might help you avoid facing the situation for some time, but that can’t be a permanent solution to your problem. So instead of avoiding it, try finding ways in which you can deal with such situations without feeling stressed or nervous. 

Here are 3 powerful ways of doing that. So let’s check out what they are. 

1. Break it Down

Sometimes you may not be comfortable doing certain things in life. No matter how daunting the task may be, by breaking it down into smaller steps, it can be a lot easier for you to conquer it. 

So before you dismiss it, take some time to split your task into smaller parts. This will make you feel more comfortable doing it, and you’ll eventually learn not to postpone it for later. Also, you’ll have a feeling of accomplishment every time you complete a part of it. 

This will motivate you to finish the task without any halt. For example, say you have been hesitating to bring up a conversation with someone. At such times, it can be a good idea to first figure out how to start the conversation and when. Think about what to say if things don’t turn out the way you planned. This will make you feel more prepared for the conversation regardless of how nervous you are about it. 

If it’s a task, make a to-do list and assign time for each task separately. Make sure that you stick to the schedule that you have created. That way, you will get most of your work done even without realizing when you did it.

2. Identify Why You’re Avoiding it

A very important way of changing the situation is to identify why you’re avoiding it. As mentioned above, it may be due to the lack of certain skills, for fear of hurting others’ feelings, or due to lack of time, etc.

Once you know the reason behind it, it becomes a lot easier to reverse it. For example, say you’re afraid of taking up a task because you don’t have the skill to accomplish it. Instead of avoiding the task altogether, it can be a good idea to upgrade your skills and make yourself capable of doing it. 

Sometimes you might want to pursue a hobby. But you keep avoiding it due to the lack of time. In that case, you can try creating some free time on your calendar and use it to pursue your hobby. 

3. Stop Assuming

Sometimes you start assuming things even before you start doing it. And in most cases, these assumptions only highlight the negative side of things. As a result, you step down from doing what you were supposed to do. This will only contribute towards hampering your growth.

So stop assuming things. Instead, consider the positive things that can result from accomplishing the task. Maybe you’ll learn something new from experience, get a reward, or make a situation better. Thinking about it can motivate you to do what you have been avoiding.

So these are some of the ways to do things that you have been avoiding. Try them out to see if it works for you. And do let us know if the results in the comments below.