Finding a retirement residence for a loved one can be an overwhelming experience. You’re worried about your family and you want to find a place that will be caring, compassionate, active, and fun. What makes a retirement residence one that you can trust? There are 3 important qualities you should expect in any retirement residence on your shortlist.

#1 Valuing Aging in Place

Aging in place is a care philosophy that emphasizes independence and stability. Transitioning to a retirement residence can be a stressful experience. A retirement residence should have a team that can help make the transition easier and more comfortable.

One essential feature of any retirement community is a belief in aging in place. Residents should be able to make their rooms their own with the confidence that they can stay there. Look for residences that are pet-friendly (and at no extra charge). Bringing a beloved pet will help the transition to a retirement community.

#2 A Family-Owned Retirement Residence

When it comes to your family, you want the best possible care. You want a family-owned and operated retirement residence that understands what good care means. One option is All Seniors Care Living Centers. One of the pioneers of retirement residences, they’ve succeeded because their communities value aging in place, meeting their residents’ needs, active lifestyles, pet-friendly spaces, and residences that also specialize in memory care.

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Retirement residences under the All Seniors Care family offer the kinds of facilities that promote an active lifestyle, including pools, gyms, and walking paths. They are health care-oriented residences and their senior management come from health care backgrounds. If you’re looking for a retirement residence that’s family-owned and operated, learn more from All Seniors Care Living Centres about options that will meet your loved one’s needs.

#3 A Focus on Health Care

Your family needs a retirement residence that’s focused on health care, not business. What does a focus on health care look like in a retirement residence? That depends on the resident’s unique needs.

For many seniors, physical exercise and an active lifestyle are the secrets to good health. Regular exercise in seniors has many health benefits, including:

  • Reducing the risk of stroke and heart attacks, especially regular cardiovascular exercise, including cycling or even brisk walking.
  • Preventing falls by improving bone density, muscle strength, and balance. Regular exercise can reduce the risk of hip fractures by 40% according to the World Health Organization.
  • Reducing the risk of dementia, as a sedentary lifestyle has been linked to its development.
  • Promoting independence and confidence in one’s ability to move and get around independently without the fear of falling.

For other residents, a focus on health care might look like a memory care facility. One feature you might look for in a retirement residence is sensory rooms, facilities where your loved one can go for calming or stimulating the five senses. Sensory rooms are one of the latest developments in memory care, as they enhance feelings of comfort and well-being, relieve stress, and improve the ability to focus. When you’re looking for a retirement community for your loved one, find a residence that’s family-owned and operated, puts health care first, and promotes aging in place.