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Have you ever had those rough days when your angry and sad, and don’t know how to control your emotions but to only stress yourself out throughout the day? 

Don’t worry, you’re not the only person in this world to deal with those problems. With myself being in the modeling industry and to constantly travel to different countries for fashion shows, I will not lie, it does take a huge toll out of me, however I always make sure to come prepared with a set of headphones, that’s the only way to calm my nerves and to get my mind functioning right.

So what exactly will listening to music do to reduce your stress?

  1. Focused 

        Music can help with focusing on a specific task like homework, work objectives, and school work. When listening to music, you’re not focused on the conversation going on around you that can distract you from your tasks. You can get caught up with other conversations and want to listen in delaying you from working. It can have a huge effect on how you work as well. Mentally, you will think that people are talking about you badly or say something funny. This can cause stress because you are the one being talked about. Again, it causes stress because now you are being self-conscious of what others think about you. When listening to music, it can change your stress levels so you aren’t listening in on the conversations and you are not self-conscious of how you present yourself to others. 

        This can also help you focus while you clean. You won’t be as distracted to mess with other objects. When not listening to music, you can get distracted by certain objects you pick up. This can cause you to stop cleaning and not have the urge to clean anymore. Cleaning can be so boring and dreadful at times, but the moment you start playing the music that will keep you motivated to go forward with the duties that need to be completed without a distraction to occur. With music, you are more entitled to do anything if your willing to focus and get work done. 

2. Recognition

        It doesn’t matter what type of music you listen to whether it’s pop, country, or R&B. It has the motive to strongly influence your perception of the world around you, according to studies in 2011 participants at the University of Groningen were likely to accurately identify the facial expressions correctly on students while they are listening to music to see if it matches their emotions. Furthermore, participants identified seeing a happy expression reaction whenever happy music is playing and a sad expression reaction when sad music is playing as well. 

         I personally feel like the type of music you listen to whether it is R&B, Rock or slow jams. This can have a positive emotional effect to fill you with pure excitement and to make you more optimistic in the long run. Listening to sad music could potentially negatively impact your emotions and you could fall into a sad state or go into depression. It’s best to listen to music that will positively stimulate you mentally and emotionally to sustain a positive attitude throughout the day. 

    3. Motivation

       If you have lifetime hobbies that can be mentally and physically exhausting, music plays as a natural distraction from all of your problems that tend to always find its way in your mind to bring you down to depression and anxiety. Music is authentically able to put us at the best state in our minds, which will help us concentrate on the things that need to be accomplished. Relaxation and motivation are firmly connected to where music helps us recharge and gather energy for our body and mind. 

      My experience listening to music has changed my emotions mentality and physically. Being in the public eye and having people talk about you badly daily from the internet can be stressful and depressing, but before coming in the entertainment business I never knew how to control my emotions at such a young age. I felt like I had to defend myself and speak up because at the end of the day I’m not only just a public figure in people’s eyes, but a human being like everyone else in the universe. I’ve noticed that music is my therapy scapegoat to handle my nerves and anxiety to rebuild up my full self-esteem to keep me occupied and push myself further to success in my career.

Stay motivated, positive & stress free!

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