When our businesses are busy and we’re swamped, it’s easy to overlook our own health and that of our team, feeling that there is not enough time or resources to dedicate to workplace wellbeing.

However, if we think health and wellness is expensive and time consuming, imagine how much being unwell costs?

When we invest in keeping our team healthy, not only do they thrive, but their productivity soars, they have better engagement, and their happiness is elevated; everyone wins.

Improved Health = Improved Productivity

Giving employees time for their wellbeing doesn’t take away from their dedication to their work. In fact, studies in Australia have shown that the healthiest employees at a company are almost 3 times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues (1).

Delving deeper, unhealthy employees output 49 effective hours worked per month, whereas healthier employees output 143 effective hours worked per month (1). That’s up to 1,128 hours of extra productivity per employee per year!

Improved Health = Improved Employee Engagement

Ever been at work but feel your mind is elsewhere? This is known as presenteeism which is caused by work-life imbalance, high stress and poor health, and its cost to employers is 6.5 working days of productivity a year (2).

When your employees’ health is at an optimum they are more engaged, can think more creatively, and make better decisions. All of this affects your company’s bottom line.

Improved Health = Less Time Off

In America, healthy employees take an average of 4 sick days annually, whereas employees with poor health or who have developed a chronic condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes or stress related illnesses, take an average of 12 sick days per year (3). In Australia, it’s a similar situation, where unhealthy employees take on average, double the number of sick days per year compared to healthy employees (1).

So, what can you do to create a healthier workplace for your team?

Have Walking Meetings

An easy and inexpensive way to get your team active is to encourage walking meetings. Prolonged sitting at work can cause significant health risks, so not only do they get out into the fresh air and sunshine which will improve their mood due to the increase in serotonin, but they are moving and improving their fitness as well.

Meditation & Mindfulness Classes

There’s a reason meditation is becoming a popular buzzword in our workplaces. It decreases employee stress, whilst simultaneously increasing positive thoughts and emotions. It promotes, more clarity, focus and has a significant impact on our mental health.

Education On Nutrition

The way we eat can either provide us with fuel, or it can decrease our vitality and life force, leaving us tired and lethargic. Educating your employees on the type of food that will give them energy, nourish their bodies and keep them feeling vital, helps them avoid illness and improves productivity.

Even small changes within the workplace can create big differences to your team and their overall wellbeing. Encourage them to find practices that work for them and for your business.

Healthy employees = happy employees = great results for the company!

Have a happy and healthy work day!

Dan and Team MOVI

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Originally published at journal.thriveglobal.com