Listen, I’m not going to bang on about it, but we can’t deny that for some people, the last year has given rise to many new insights into what is important in life, and for a lot of people, there is a resulting shift in personal perspective.

With that, has come the need to explore our own personal options, take stock of where we are give ourselves permission to think differently and ‘be’ differently.

It’s ok not to have your vision and goals mapped out yet, give yourself the space to breathe, focus your mind and align your energy; you will find yourself facing the right direction and the steps will come easily

  • Focus
  • Space
  • Energy

With both new and existing clients, one thing that I’m noticing is how much those 3 words are coming up for and resonating with them and I can’t deny they are strongly resonant with me too.

When you make a commitment to yourself to work with a coach or sign up to some kind of development programme you’re committing to give yourself focus time. You’re committing to give yourself time and space to focus on what’s important for you now and what’s important for you in creating the life that you really want to lead. 

I know how hard it is to make time for myself. I often find myself thinking about all the things I could be doing instead of focusing on me; that wash load; those chores…

.. just doing one more thing to try and get ahead of the next day and actually sometimes I just need to stop myself to come back to me. 

I begin with this question… “what do I need to be doing for me, in order to be the best me I can be now and ongoing?”. Sometimes the answer, perhaps surprisingly, is to do the chore; often it’s tackling something in my business or personal life.

As a coach, I hold that space for my clients to explore their thoughts and feelings, reflect their perspectives on what they think they need to, should be or could be doing…I cut through those things and bring you back to you.

That’s where the focus comes in. When you give yourself space to think, and be, it helps you consider your focus. Your focus might be on something very specific or may be on something around a general theme. You may not even know what your focus is yet and so having the space to explore it, along with some questions from your coach to open up that thought box.

It can prevent faffing and reduce wasted time, worrying or getting bogged down with the things that aren’t going to get results. 

Which leads me really nicely into a conversation about energy and more specifically, energetic alignment. I have been talking about this a lot recently because the biggest personal and professional results and progress have been made when my energy is aligned with what I’m doing. 

In layman’s terms, I’m committed, up for it and I know why it’s important to me, therefore I know that me putting my time, and effort into it is going to light my soul up. Maybe now, maybe later down the line, but it will happen. 

So tell me, if you gave yourself space, focus and energy to help you take those steps forward towards a better life…What is possible?