In 2019, the global health market, including the fitness, health and wellness industries, has exploded in the diversity of its offerings. 

Consumers now have more options than ever before; so much so that the sheer number of choices can seem overwhelming.

Sifting through all the free, accessible information on choosing a gym, a type of workout, fitness hacks to incorporate into your routine, role models to look up to or diet tips can sometimes be just too big to swallow.

However, this shouldn’t discourage you from taking control over your health and changing your life now. 

Interest in the sport of boxing for keeping fit has never been greater. 

Here are three strong reasons to consider boxing when choosing among all the health and fitness options:

Boxing isn’t meant to be only for advanced athletes and fighters.

The Buckhead-based, brand new studio Panthéon – Boxing & Fitness knows that, and they are looking to make boxing fun and accessible to as many people as possible.

This boxing and fitness studio pays great respect to the sport’s authenticity without making its members take a punch and get a black eye.  

Whether boxing is your sport of choice or just one way to break a good sweat, the benefits will be exactly the same for you:

Above all, boxing is an incredibly versatile full body workout.

It’s the ultimate combination of a high intensity (cardio) and strength workout while learning new skills.

Unlike a typical cardio workout such as running or cycling, boxing requires your entire body to move and is highly variable. 

As a fast paced, total body cardio workout, it will boost your metabolism and helps your body burn calories faster by simply increasing your metabolic rate.

Boxing will make your workout sessions multi-functional, which is key to keep your motivation intact and also build lean, strong and durable physiques.

If you want to implement a change in your life and make it last, then that change needs to be enjoyable to the point where it is almost seamless and becomes part of your routine.

If your workout feels easy, then chances are high that you are not bettering yourself and will soon become apathetic about it. 

Boxing is one of the most challenging and therapeutic workouts out there, it makes you feel good and actually enjoy the time you spend working out.

Boxing takes something different out of you and requires a very specific focus.

There is always a new technique to learn, footwork to improve, hitting all sorts of different bags, working on partner drills, and going with the same intensity throughout each round is in itself a challenge which will push yourself every single time.

The process of learning boxing is challenging yet fun, and the progression is limitless.

You are the one to determine your own level of involvement – from doing shadow boxing in your bedroom to fighting in the ring.

Boxing is dynamic and versatile. This is how it helps you fall in love with your workout.

On top of all the physical benefits, boxing is unquestionably mentally empowering.

Most of us are under a lot of stress from work, rush-hour traffic, meetings, and tight deadlines. 

The fact of the matter is that working out makes you feel good. Prolonged and continuous efforts such as boxing trigger the release of endorphins which lead to a positive feeling of well-being.

It will immediately boost your mental state, reduce your stress and anxiety levels, help you sleep better and even improve your immune system! Literally enabling a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Another cool side-effect worth mentioning is that boxing will teach you how to defend yourself.

Now, this is definitely empowering, but you also have to remember that nobody is too big for a lesson, boxers included.

Contrary to popular belief, boxing will humble you to the deepest level and will teach you how to manage your adrenaline, your fear and gain confidence.

As Mike Tyson once said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

There is always someone bigger, faster, tougher, or more technical than you in the room, this is precisely why you will need a clear head and a sense of selfless determination to keep making progress in boxing. 

You can derive a lot of fundamental values out of boxing among which is humility, respect and tenacity.

Boxing is much bigger than a sport. 

As a workout it can build a new mindset that will translate in everything you do. 

In that fundamental way it can not only keep you in top physical condition, it can even change your perspective on life.  

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