Better than whom? That is the question.

There used to be a trend towards racing to get the most attention from the most number of people possible, through the most number of media avenues while making sure everyone ‘got your message’ in the first 10 seconds of contact. (Or was it 10 seconds or less?).

Now, all of the sudden everyone is warning about ‘burnout’ and the tethering effects of the ‘multi tasking’ mania.

You know what they say though: 
All good set-in trends like ‘multi tasking’ will take at least 10 years to dispell.

But I don’t have an extra 10 years up my sleeves. I’m just trying to balance the fine few years between having the acne breakouts stop before the mid 40’s facial wrinkles set in deep.

I admit, it used to be that I too got swept up in the whole “commotion around self-promotion” business, but slowly I realized that in my line of work as a musician and teacher, I don’t rely on your attention at all.

No, I don’t need another human’s attention at all. I rely on your collaboration instead, and that’s something that ‘should’ result from me actually just doing my work. Being here, writing this blog post, saying something that is IN MY MIND. Something that teaches me, that helps me organise MY MIND better.

Better than whom?

Better than my own limits and my own assumptions. If I stay true to 3 simple principles this ‘should’; actually, all ‘shoulds’, drop away and I learn to perfect two endlessly developmental arts: Teaching and creating. It’s a life long thing, don’t you think?

My kind of teaching doesn’t need you to get my message in “10 seconds or less”. My work, my livelihood does not require you to surrender your email address. I don’t work for leads, I work with your interest in your self. I don’t require Viral Quality Content, I require that I live what I teach and never take ANYTHING for granted when it comes to teaching and creating.

I do it because it’s a practice that feeds my arteries. This exchange, the movement and the drive for bettering my teaching and learning practice will go on in the background of all things, so you don’t need to be my captive audience. I will be teaching (because I define it as the same thing as learning) even when everything has been illuminated with the ‘latest research’.

My technique is one of constructing new connections in the most practical matters of life. This does not require just your attention. It depends on and enriches the whole being. Since you can’t give me that, (and it wouldn’t be right for to ask for that), I will not sell myself short and beg for your contact information.

Trends come, trends stay, trends are overturned. Teaching and learning drive their own engine towards something. But towards what?

For now the simple answer is: Towards the capacity to deal cohesively with what hasn’t yet happened, and to adhere to the principle of compassion and individuality.

As a teacher and music maker, I’m not able to buy into the same methdos that coaches and transformation gurus rely on. These methods don’t fit in with the actual essence or sense of what I do, what I practice.

On that note…

Have you ever wondered, or done your own thinking about why we have gotten used to feeding the multi headed monster of personal growth and coaching? And why the language and context used by such individuals who are making a living off the biological fears of wanting to ‘belong’ are framed as if they where the Better Coach? As if they were completely out of their reasoning mind that there are thousands of other coaches and spiritual transformers out there just begging for your singular attention as much as they are?

It is interesting that we are asked to ‘unplug’ and stop the ‘multi tasking’ madness while at the same time being asked to buy into another 30 day something-something-coaching-habit-stuff-stuff-thingy-Facebook-secret-group-society-campaign?


You may have your own answers. As for me, I’m here teaching, learning and creating just because I want to reach for something I don’t as of yet know about.

So, thank you if you’re still here. I’ve unfolded a canvas for us to do just that; to be here.

A canvas for me to express my view of the 3 reasons I don’t need your attention. I’ve given the 3 reasons, but in an open form. Here they are again for those who are so conditioned to read lists:

1. Compassion
2. Creativity
3. Unity

I’ll stop there, 
Enough said. 
I demand my attention in realising a very simple task:
I ask myself: How do I construct and connect my doings? 
Teaching, leaning, making. 
Getting up, settling down, listening, feeling the keys, 
letting each word drop in place, tasting, 
Being as simple as possible when my wishes and dreams 
Are so rich with delight. That anarchy of desire. 
And how can I bring some silence and calm to my game? 
Kindness speaks all, again.

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