I topped up the Italian coffee maker with rich, freshly ground espresso, placed it on the flame and made my way outside to sit in the warm sunshine. This is my usual morning routine before the rest of my family wake up and another day in lockdown begins….but today felt different. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

I’ve written (and read) so many articles over the past few weeks helping with mindset and overcoming feelings of isolation yet here I was, actually lacking the motivation and inspiration to get started.

It made me realise that if I’m feeling like this, after years of coaching my clients through their fears and visibility blocks, then so many other people around the world must be feeling the same way – most of whom don’t have access to the resources to overcome it. I understand now that it’s so important for me to use these experiences and feelings to help my clients and community and that my message is stronger than my fear or lack of inspiration.

I bet that deep down inside you have a message that you would love to share with the world if only you weren’t so afraid of putting yourself out there!

Here are three reasons why it’s imperative for you to (with all the love in the world!) just get over yourself and let your voice be heard –

1) Someone out there is desperately waiting to hear what you have to say

You may feel like your voice will simply be lost in the sea of online chaos and drift off into obscurity but, believe me, there’s someone out there who can only hear what they need to hear from your perspective and point of view….actually there are thousands of people but for now just focus on one.

My very first mentor told me that you only need to be half a step ahead of your client to be able to serve them and I find that so true. Think of a terrible situation that you’ve overcome, whether it’s related to your career, your family, your relationships….we all have a story to tell. Now imagine that one other person is going through that right now – what words of wisdom do you have to offer them to ease their struggle and to make their transition a little easier.

Nobody else has lived your life and nobody else can speak with your own unique voice.

2) Your dreams are there for the taking …but it’s up to you to take the first step

Do you remember when you were young and you couldn’t wait to get out into the world and start living your dreams?
Maybe you wanted to live in a huge house by the sea or travel the world exploring a wealth of exotic destinations?
Somehow as you grew up, the people and situations around you started to make you question the way you thought. You decided that actually those dreams weren’t valid and that it was time to get a grip on reality.

I’m here to tell you that those childhood dreams are every bit as possible now if you simply remember who you are and start listening to your intuition.

Allow yourself to dream big again and start to share your story with the world. Even if you just take baby steps and decide that today you’re going to write a short post on social media, it’s all progress and you’re setting the wheels in motion.

3) If you don’t do it someone else will!

Like I said earlier, no one else in the entire Universe has your unique voice and experience but, believe me, that won’t stop someone who is less qualified than you from showing up and making their presence felt.

I can tell you now with absolute certainty that there are thousands of people out there in the world who are living their dreams and making their voice heard in the very industry you are passionate about even though they don’t have your knowledge or skills….they are simply braver than you and they didn’t let fear rule their life.

Make the decision that you are going to contribute to the conversations and discussions that are taking place in the world around you because your opinions matter. If you don’t like the current discussions then start a new one! Decide that from today you’re a very important thought leader and that what you have to say truly matters.

Now take a deep breath and hit the send button on that post!

As for me, I enjoyed my delicious coffee in the garden, listened to my favourite, high vibe podcast and decided that what I wanted to say was more important than any niggling fears and doubts.
My powerful, captivating article was gaining momentum, I was in the zone, words were flowing….and my husband and daughters came downstairs ready for breakfast.
Life in lockdown…gotta love it!