Staying home during the pandemic

Since the beginning of this year, people all over the world are living with the fear of tomorrow. This fear is due to the coronavirus disease discovered late last year In Wuhan China. Governments have put in place various measures to protect their citizens, and my government was not left out either.

However, one of the measures which are lockdown has been the biggest challenge to many. Lockdown amid others like job loss and challenging economic times has been a thorn in the flesh to many.

I lost my job four months ago.  Then came the lockdown and here came the hardest lesson of my life. Nonetheless, I have learnt a lot during this period

My Family Is Now My Best Friend

Since childhood, I have grown knowing men ought to work. This mentality motivated me to work hard and give my family a good living. However, as this lockdown has taught me, I failed in so many ways.

I never gave my family time, and in this case, quality time. As a result, I was just a stranger in my house, almost the entire life of marriage. However, this has changed with the lockdown. Spending time with my family is the only option I have!

Though it was initially hard for me to coup with the family, with time, I adapted. Guess what, my family is now my best friend! Thanks to lockdown.

Rediscovering My Purpose in Life

Have you ever thought of how life will be after you retire?  With the tight schedules and deadlines to meet, you may not think about it. Lockdown period was an ideal moment to restructure my life.

Having lost my job, I now know how cruel life can be without money.  The importance of saving while I am earning has been taught to me the hard way.  Indeed, if that’s how old age will treat me without money, I would instead start saving for my future!

Working On Fitness and Health

Health and fitness always go hand in hand.  The importance of keeping fit as far as good health is concerned is paramount. However, as other people do, I lacked time to work on my fitness. That is not the case now.

With plenty of time, jogging and eating healthy foods is all I can indoors. Exercising has seen me, lose extra weight and am now healthy than before.


Though lockdown was the hardest lesson of my life, I have conquered and most importantly learnt. Life just like a coin has two sides, the negative and the positive. However, many are the times that we chose to dwell so much on the negative.

The lockdown during this pandemic has resulted in so many negatives. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t impacted us positively. To some, it was an ideal moment to reset their priorities.  

To some, life took another direction for better. Some discovered other potentials that they never thought that they possess. In a nutshell, each challenge in life has its positives if looked into from a different perspective.  How well you control the situation, determines how well you shall rise after the challenge.