The ones who do not follow the norm are termed as non-mediocres or outliers. They are known to challenge the common belief system and sometimes if needed, go against it. The going against the norms phase is usually long and lonely, more like a marathon (except that you have more people around you in a marathon). When mediocres may aim for a sprint, non-mediocres are forced to run a marathon, and sometimes they aren’t even aware of it. So here are a few reasons why non-mediocres take so long to win the game :

1.    Never takes the easiest option available.

This does not mean they never take the easiest option, they just work out more options before making a decision and may even end up with easiest option available. It boils down to long -term impact of the option taken .

2.    Does not accept things right away.

They go to the depth of the subject they are being told and always try to read between the lines.They believe in the norm that the ‘real story lies in the words which are untold.’

3.    Always focuses on bigger picture.

They not only focus on making a difference in their lives, but also on making an impact in the society, considering how one decision of theirs might affect the world around them.

Now, this doesn’t mean that people who don’t follow the above norms are mediocre and it’s always cool to be an outlier. The key take-away here is that, you should always have a long-term vision in your life and your decision making should not be influenced by the people around you but any decision should be taken considering its impact on the people around you . Above all, it’s important to lead a life that is impactful.

We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will. -Chuck Palahniuk