Look of defeat

Many times people think they understand how to set goals, but then they never quite achieve what they were after. Here are 3 reasons why you don’t reach your goals:

You aren’t excited

One common reason you don’t reach your goals? They aren’t compelling or inspiring. 

You’re much more likely to put time and energy into something that excites you, so your goals should reflect that same level of momentum. 

I’m talking goals that make you leap out of bed in the morning ready to go! 

If running 2020 miles in 2020 doesn’t light your fire don’t do it.

Maybe you are invigorated by travel but want to set a fitness goal. Could you set a goal around racing in 3 new states in the upcoming year?

You don’t know how to get there

Something we practice on my business team is goal mapping. 

That’s where you write out a specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time based goal (SMART acronym) and also list 3 ways you’ll get there. 


  1. How I’ll get there 
  2. How I’ll get there 
  3. How I’ll get there 

Here’s an example: 

Goal: run Boston marathon on April 20

  1. How I’ll get there: follow 12 week training plan beginning Feb 10
  2. Restrict alcohol to no more than 2 servings per week
  3. Commit to a regular bedtime of 9 pm that ensures 7 hours of sleep each night 

You aren’t committed

That’s because you’re trying to stay “motivated”

Motivation does not work. Discipline does. 

Motivation is Instagram quotes and YouTube videos. Discipline is, for example, doing what your marathon training says even when you don’t feel like it. 

Take the “how I’ll get there” items from the last step & make sure you do them

Discipline, not motivation.

Are you guilty of one of these common mistakes? Fix it!