Have you ever thought what helps you make constant effort toward achieving your goals? Have you ever realised which driving force does not let you relax unless you fulfil your dreams? This is what we call motivation. It helps you understand a reason to stay focused enough to complete your goals. When you are motivated to accomplish something, you must have a strong reason to do it.

However, there are some people who have very strong reason to achieve their goals, but they are not motivated enough to accomplish them. There is always something that prevents them from doing what they want. Sometimes external forces encourage you to do something, for instance, your parents have criticised you or you may be doing it because you want to prove to your society, but external forces can be ephemeral.

If you want to stay motivated throughout your journey unless you accomplish your goals, you must have inner voice that encourages you to do something. One of the biggest problems why you feel less motivated is you fail to recognise what is going on in your mind, meaning you do not know what you exactly want. Here are the reasons why you feel less motivated.

You feel overwhelmed

You may feel less motivated if your goals overwhelm you. It is very normal that you treat it as a big monster. You feel helpless and frustrated as you do not know how and where to start. It happens because of two reasons: you have not learnt the habit of breaking down the task in small and manageable chunks and you have accepted that you have taken on more than you can handle. You eventually start putting off work and then you give up forever.

There is no doubt that it takes patience and hard work to achieve your goals. A positive feeling combined with motivation prepares you physically and mentally to perform your task, but you get hopeless and frustrated as a negative though flashes across your mind.

The best thing to sustain the level of motivation is to stay positive and patient. Breakdown your project into small chunks so that you do not feel overwhelmed. Do not lose your patience and hope if things go wrong against your wishes and efforts. Keep making efforts even though you do not get results immediately.

You do not believe yourself

Problems are an integral part of life. They will hit you, but you have to face them. Some people are so strong that they successfully manage to deal with big problems, but some are so weak that they immediately give up. You start to think that you are getting nowhere, so you stop in the middle. This happens when you do not believe in your efforts.

For instance, suppose you want to improve your credit rating and therefore you have decided to take out a loan with a famous direct lender like AOneCredit, but you start to rue over your decision when an unforeseen expense hits your budget.

You can find yourself stuck in a challenging situation anytime. You need to analyse your achievements and maintain positivity. What goals you set and what you did to achieve them. Likewise, you will have to decide what to do to get back on the track.

Your goals are either too small or too big

If you set too small goals, you will never get out of your comfort zone, and if you set too big goals, you will have no idea of how to deal with them. Both opinions can affect your motivation and morale.

You should set your goals that are neither very small nor too ambitious. Make sure that you have potential enough to achieve them. Consider your ability to set your goals instead of being inspired by others.

The bottom line

If you want to maintain the motivation level, you need to be smart enough while setting goals. Think what you want to achieve. Make sure that it is what you want, not what others expect from you. External environment can stimulate you to set it in motion, but it cannot help you with long-term goals as long as you do not have inner instinct or force to hit the ground running.