3 Reasons Why You Should Make Time for Your Passion | Thrive Global

Ever heard of the saying that goes, “do what you love, the money will follow”? It sounds pretty inspirational, especially when you’re trapped in a dull 9-to-5 job. It does, however, give a bad name to pencil pushers, and not everyone has the resources to quit their jobs pronto.

Pursuing your passion rather than sticking to your current job requires boldness and tons of sacrifices. And when you do leave your job to chase what you love doing, you need to have the guts to stand by your choices.

But here’s a misconception about a passion-driven career: you’ll instantly become a financial success because you’re good at (and passionate about) a certain skill.

You have to admit, Disney movies and success stories like Steve Jobs’s had us thinking that once we find our bliss, groundbreaking success will magically follow. Sure, lots of people want to be the next Hollywood actor, rockstar, or superstar CEO, but the reality is, only a few can be financially successful at doing what they love. Even worse, some people admit that their passion becomes hell once it becomes a chore.

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t follow your passion and make it a profession. Do it, by all means, but be prepared to make sacrifices. 

But if you’ve decided to stick to your career yet still want to do what you love, here’s a solution: just find time for your passion. Or if you don’t have some spare time to pursue what you love doing, then you’re probably better off working for another company rather than slaving away at your current job.

Lack of time isn’t an excuse to avoid doing what you love. It’s all about priorities and focusing on yourself.

Finding time for your passion can, of course, improve one’s happiness. Apart from that, here are the reasons why you should do so:

1. Self-Growth

Spending time on your hobbies or any of your interests means spending time on yourself. You get to accomplish things that you’re proud of and become more disciplined to stick to a routine you like. 

Pursuing your passion turns time wasted on mindlessly scrolling through social media into time spent in a worthwhile, productive way. It also allows you to “find yourself” or discover the things that make you, you.

2. Less Stress

Sometimes, we’re so engulfed in our careers that they take a huge part of who we are. We forget that we’re our own person, and we become alienated from ourselves. That’s one of the many reasons why we’re all stressed out.

Finding time to do something you love can make you feel more confident about yourself. You set the boundaries between personal and professional, and you get to feel better about your accomplishments.

Following your passion is incredibly helpful, especially when you’re stressed about work and even your personal life. It’s not a distraction at all. Rather, it’s an important part of your self-care routine.

3. Life Will Be Better Overall

It’s obvious that we’re steering clear of the mantra “do what you love, the money will follow.” But if you have to find words to live by, how about “you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”?

Yes, it’s such a trite phrase, but in this context, it’s completely apt. Life is short, so we shouldn’t fill it with regrets. Making time for your passion can lessen (or completely eliminate) your own “what ifs.”

Becoming jaded in unexciting jobs happens to the best of us. So go ahead—sign up for an acting class, start taking guitar lessons for beginners, attend a photography class, or sketch cartoons and get yourself one of the best drawing tablets out there. Just make time for your passion and focus on what matters every day. You’ll definitely thank yourself later.