Are you in the service-based industry and finding it challenging to get new clients or bring in new business opportunities?

It could be because you are not bringing the energy and life force to your brand.

It also could be because there is a part of you that isn’t allowing yourself to SHINE and show others that you’re ‘open’ energetically for business.

Whether you’re seeking new clients, customers or speaking opportunities, you must create a personal brand and get your fun energy out there!

I have a business where I invest in my clients marketing a lot more often than I do my own, and sadly I can see the business take a nosedive every time that I’m off balance.

Once I resume to posting my own blogs, videos and content, things start to pick back up again.

YOU – are the secret ingredient to your brand and business. YOU are the core to how everything works and without YOU and your special energy, the brand will fall to the wayside.

When I work with clients, we first create a personal brand that allows them to show off their unique characteristics and personality. I always tell them to envision their business like a tree. Their name, personality and passion is the tree trunk and roots, everything that they offer are the branches. Those branches could be books, coaching programs, paid speaking opportunities and more.

Without the tree trunk and its roots – the branches will die off. It’s imperative to be that life-giving source to your business ventures and multiple streams of income.

If fear is holding you back from stepping out into the spotlight, work with your own personal business mentor and coach. They can help you with the limiting beliefs and “head trash” that shows up right before something awesome is about to happen. Trust me, we all go through this, it’s worth it to invest in your own breakthrough.

YOU are worthy of great things… and fear of judgement, rejection or not being ‘good enough’ need to be buried so that you can SHINE and embrace success.

Reason 1) People buy from people, and those that they know, like and trust. 

Its particularly challenging to try and create a relationship of trust with a brick and mortar building. If you are in the service-based industry, your company needs to have a face to the brand so we can relate to it better, human to human.

Have you ever purchased something just because you really liked the salesperson?

This has happened to me more times than I can count. Sometimes the salesperson is very persuasive, which is just a nice word for ‘pushy’. They really LOVE their product and will list all the reasons why YOU should have it.

That happens to a lot of us if we don’t know how to stand our ground, but what about another time where you really liked the person you made a purchase from.

Could be a realtor, a coach, an author, or an influencer of some sort.

Perhaps you bought supplements from a person that you’ve been following for a while because you love their content about natural health. There is a reason why *social influencing is such a business trend these days. People love to buy from those that they admire and respect.

*Social influencers are those that have a large social following on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. They obtain partnerships with certain companies to promote their products. The company benefits off of their large and loyal following by turning their fans into cash.

A lot of celebrities will bank off of this strategy as well. I’m sure you’ve noticed that you may be following a favorite actor on Instagram and all of a sudden, their next post is about their favorite hair product. Seems random, but yet it’s all about business and profits.

YOU can have the same impact, but YOU have to be in the spotlight shining brightly enough to attract the followers in the first place.

We both know that the celebrity or influencer is most likely not using the product that they are promoting but because people already, know – like – and trust them, they will click the links and purchase the product anyway.

Do you see how a face to the product or service is so profitable?

Would people still buy the hair product from a sponsored ad – Yes, most likely, but the volume of products sold will often be a lot lower than the volume that the social influencer sold.

The bigger the impact, the bigger the income.

Reason 2) Your energy is contagious, what YOU believe in, WE will believe in.

You will never sell what you don’t personally believe in. We can feel your energy and if you’re not quite ‘sold’ on the product or service, it will come across to your potential client or customer as well.

I used to sell timeshare for Wyndham in 2008. I worked there for a short 5 months right as the economy went into a huge recession. I had never stayed in a timeshare and still thought I could sell it based on the information that I was trained to convey to my potential customers. Statistics and facts are great but if you personally have not experienced your own product or service, your sales will not improve.

I was okay at it, but not great. I finally used my own company discount and took advantage of staying in one of our timeshares. I had always believed in having a more spacious and comfortable stay that felt like home versus a standard hotel room, but it wasn’t until I experienced a night at our own property did I become a believer.

My sales improved massively because I now believed in everything that our brand stood behind.

Do what you can to experience your product or service to the fullest. Do your research, become passionate about it and you will see your closing ratio improve.

My mother used to say that I could sell snow to an Eskimo, mainly because I would become so passionate about something that I had to share it with everyone and anyone that would listen.

When I immersed myself in natural health in 2005, I was a walking talking infomercial about what foods to avoid and which ones to eat. My poor family grew tired of hearing me share from the latest book that I had read about health and wellness. So I created a following with my email database and only promoted what I knew to those that were hungry to learn.

Be a living – breathing example of what product or service that you sell and watch how living your everyday life and sharing it online will increase your sales without much effort.

Reason 3) Leading a cause, or a belief will create more leaders.

When you believe in something and lead by example, others will not just follow but become leaders as well.

This will benefit you if you have a network marketing business or would like more referrals for your business growth.

Leadership starts with actions, not words. Show us why your service or product is the best. Show examples by sharing social posts of you with your clients.

If you’re a hair stylist, show us before and after photos. Show off your work and show us the process of your work.

Another example is to share a selfie of you getting ready to take the stage at an event or working with a client 1 on 1. Your social presence will paint the picture of what it’s like to work with you, which will entice people to reach out about your services.

If you’re a realtor, show us your new homeowners and share a story of what it took for them to find the perfect home for their family. We love to know what happens ‘behind the scenes’, it makes us feel special as if we have a VIP seat to your life and business.

When we shine, we give others permission to shine, therefore creating more leaders with our leadership role.

When we create more leaders, they tend to send business your way.

Why do you think so many businesses want you to use their hashtag or tag a photo of yourself at their gym? Its free marketing for their brand and business and you appear to be a satisfied customer.

After reviewing my reasons, where in your business are you playing small?

How can you shine a little brighter so that you can reap the benefits of business leads and opportunities as well?

If you’re unsure of how to move forward, please fill out this questionnaire to schedule a free consultation.

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